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This prezi was made in order to give you some insight on welding, in case you were thinking of pursuing this trade

TY Skipper

on 29 April 2017

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Transcript of Welding

Why this particular trade
I chose this field because it is an exciting, complex, and very rewarding lifestyle. You get to travel and the pay is great.
Average Salary For A Welder
Historical Background
Welders wear special clothing because they could easily get burned. They must have the following:
-fire proof gloves
-safety goggles
-fire proof jump suits
-nonflammable boots etc.
Safety Procedures
Types of Welding
There are many different types of welding
Welding was created in order to be able to join materials together by melting the metal between two work pieces to form a bond between them.
The safety procedures for welding are:
Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence. Until the end of the 19th century, the only welding process was forge welding, which blacksmiths had used for centuries to join iron and steel by heating and hammering. Arc welding and oxyfuel welding were among the first processes to develop late in the century, and electric resistance welding followed soon after. Welding technology advanced quickly during the early 20th century as World War I and World War II drove the demand for reliable and inexpensive joining methods.
One of the safety procedures is to have full body coverage.
Another procedure is to have good feet protection because sparks fly.
Also never light the torch with a lighter.
The average salary for a welder is about $28,967 to $65,000
Welding is the best trade
Underwater Welding
Stick Welding
Welding is the best trade because their top salary can go over $100,000!
Also welding is an on the road job, so you get to travel a lot.
historical history
This is the typical
welding application
Thanks to the hard work of
Louis Skipper
Aubrey Davis
Bobby Lowery
Derrick Davis
Kevin Stafford
Shemar Wright
Jalen Jackson
We were able to bring you this presentation
Hope you enjoyed

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