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Solving Addition Equations (algebra)

No description

Andi Ford

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Solving Addition Equations (algebra)

Solving Addition Equations Locate "x" (or the variable) Step 1: "x" marks the spot! In order to discover what "x" is equal to, you have to get it by itself. Step Two: you have to get "x" by its self. Once you subtract the constant from both sides of the equation you get the answer to what "x" equals. Step Four: How many are left over? In order to get "x" by itself, you had to subtract the constant. Now, what you do to one side of an equation you have to do to the other side so that the equation is balanced. Step Three: what you do to one side you must do to the other side. It is always the best decision to recheck your answer to make sure it is correct. Step Five: Check your treasure!!! Welcome to Class today! 1. Find your seat quietly.

2. Whisper to your neighbor, "You are brilliant!"

3. On a piece of paper, write a sentence about what you learned yesterday in math. What will you know by the end of class today? You will know how to solve algebraic addition equations. A Treasure Hunt Solving an algebraic addition equation finding the value of a certain variable.

So.....it's kind of like a treasure hunt.

We are going on a little treasure hunt to help us solve an addition equation to find what "x" means. x + 3 = 5 There it is! x + 3 = 5 So, pretend that the numbers are objects. X + = - You get "x" by itself when you subtract the constant from the equation. x + 3 = 5 x + = - - Subtract the constant from the opposite side of the equation, too!!! x + 3 = 5 -3 -3 2 x = 2 x + 3 = 5 x = 2 2 + 3 = 5 5 = 5 you found the right treasure!!! Let's Practice!!! Get out your white board and markers. Solve the problems and touch your nose when you are finished. Wait for me to tell you to raise your board. 6 + y = 10 7 + p = 23 x + 18 = 60 t + 21 = 30 11 + a = 100 We are going to play around the world, when you get the ball you have to say one thing you learned today or something that still confuses you. Questions you still have:
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