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Pre Algebra Chapter 11 Data Project

No description

Rachel Gulbranson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Pre Algebra Chapter 11 Data Project

Pre Algebra Data Project
Step 1: Develop a Question
How much exercise, on average, do 7th grade girls at Ivy Collegiate Academy get outside of P.E. class every day?

* I want to know if students are staying active!
Step 2: Determine Population and Sample
Population: Seventh grade girls at ICA

Sample: Seventh grade girls at ICA
Step 3: Develop a Survey
How much exercise do you get outside of PE class every day?

Check one of the following.
[ ] 0 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 1 to 30 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 31 to 60 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 61 to 90 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 91 to 130 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 131 to 160 Minutes of Exercise
[ ] 161 to 190 Minutes of Exercise

Pre Algebra
Data Project!!!

By: Ms. Gulbranson
Step 4: Collect Data
I passed out the survey to all ICA 7th grade girls and collected their surveys.
Step 5: Make a Data Display
I choose a Histogram so I must first create a frequency table.
Step 5: Make a data display
Step 6: Conclusion
1. Why did you choose the data display that you used?
The data that I collected was numerical and in intervals so a histogram worked nicely!

2. Was your survey biased?
No, it was did not hint at any "correct" answer.

3. What kind of sampling method did you use? Explain.
Self-selected sample because I gave the survey to ALL 7th grade girls.

4. Why did you choose to give the survey to the people you did?
I was finding information about all 7th grade girls at ICA and there were only 25 girls so it was easy to survey all of them.

5. What can you conclude about the data you collected?
Over all, 7th grade girls are pretty active. It is recommended that you get 60 minutes of physical activity a day, and the majority of girls were at or above 60 minutes.
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