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A Day In Life of TC1 Technology

No description

Dawna Wright

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of A Day In Life of TC1 Technology

A Day in the Life
of a Terra Cotta 1
7:40 Arrival of Students
Using Smartboard Software,
Students take their own attendance
Students grab their
assigned iPad
7:50-8:50 Students are in
either 6th, 7th or 8th grade math
The 6th grade math is collaboratively taught, allowing specific learning needs of students to be addressed.
Students can use the iPads to access the online Connected Mathematic materials. They also have access to these materials at home. Heather and Dave use the CMP website to help with direct instruction.
7th Grade students, 6th graders
accelerated a year in math, have the option of a traditional math classroom or one that is self-paced.
The self paced group watches Dawna's introductory lesson on video, works on the lesson in small groups, and then watches the wrap up on video.
Team Morning Meeting
Work Time
Dave, Heather and Dawna are
working with small groups or individuals
on the skills to help each student grow.
Teachers may work on skills for remediation,
concepts not yet mastered or
enrichment opportunities.
Dawna travels around to each of the groups and has a few targeted questions to make sure students are grasping the material. She is also answering questions as they arise.
Students are offered to watch
many lessons either live with the teacher or flipped.

Students are asked to fill in a
note-taking sheet while watching
the live lesson or flipped lessons. This helps students process the information that they are learning. It also allows us to monitor the completion of lessons.
9:00-9:30 A live lesson
is offered in writing OR
students have work time.
Students work on all subject areas but get to choose what to work on and when to work on it.
Students are working on their work
that has been assigned to them
Students also monitor their own learning so they know what areas they still need to work on.
Social Studies
11:45-12:00 Team Read A Loud
12:00-1:35 Work Time

Using Technology to
Personalize the Learning Experience
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