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Cracker : The best dog in Vietnam

No description

Dustin Bolton

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Cracker : The best dog in Vietnam

Rising Action Cracker gets taken from Willies home.
Cracker is sent to dog training for the war.
Cracker is assigned to rick in training camp.
Cracker and rick are sent to Vietnam.
Cracker is staring to gain respect through her missions. Setting Chicago
Training camp
Vietnam Exposition Cracker is living in Chicago with a boy named willie but they soon find out that their apartment they moved to don't allow dogs. When willies parents find out the decide that Cracker will go to training camp to be in the army. During training camp Cracker is assigned to a solider named Rick Hanski. Climax Rick and cracker go to clear a village,and Rick's unit is ambushed,and cracker gets separated from Rick after Rick gets shot in the leg. The End Project by: Dustin Bolton Cracker: the best dog in Vietnam
By: Cynthia Kadohata Characters Rick : Dynamic Cracker : Flat V-Haul : Flat Twenty-Twenty : Flat Willie : Flat Cody : Flat Bruno : Flat
Tristie : Flat
Camel: Flat Conflicts willie has to get rid of Cracker.
Rick get shrapnel in his leg.
Cracker get lost. Falling Action Rick gets sent to the hospital.
Cracker is finally found by Cody.
Cody calls Rick and tells him Cracker is found. Resolution Rick picks Cracker up and takes her with him to the airport. Theme : Never give up. Quote 1: "Sir, I cant find my dog and I want leave until I find her." Quote 2: "I wont quit looking until I find Cracker."
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