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No description

Prezibase Designs

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of SUNPR

What is the most important component of any Solar installation?
A story about

Pretty Pigs, and Ugly Pigs

Types of inverter technology
Pigs with Lipstick
(String Inverter Optimizers)
Ugly Pigs
(String Inverters)

Less safe – Fire risks from DC arc faults
Less reliable
Short Warranty, 5 – 10 Years
Lower energy production
More expensive lifetime maintenance costs
Single point of failure – Inverter outage affects entire system
No module level system monitoring
Optimizers address some of the string inverter shortfalls, but do not solve the inherent problems with the string inverter.
New product with little time in service
Less safe
More expensive lifetime maintenance costs
Lower energy production in every condition
Less reliable with limited warranty
Multiple system points of failure
An optimizer is NOT a
Optimizer string inverter
0 Years
2 Years
5 Years
25 Years
12 Years
25 Years
Plastic – Nema 3 (Splash Proof)

Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Nema 6 (Can operate under water)
DC Optimizers Are
Inferior System Design
Inverter is single point of total system failure
Complex DC design and additional installation costs
Optimizer string inverters are less reliable
String inverters fail
At least one string inverter replacement in project lifetime
Short time in service. No installations older than two years.
Costly diagnosis and repair of system
Optimize inverters don’t allow diagnosis of entire system remotely
Who pays for diagnosis and repair?
Who is responsible when Components fail?
Inverter replacement cost today of over $2,500
While optimizers have a 25 year warranty, the other system components have 5 year and 12 year warranties
All Warranties are not created equal
Read the fine print, what is really covered?
Not so easy to get service and repairs done.
Who diagnoses the problems?

What happens if they don’t live up to their end of the bargain? Remember Chinese drywall??

The Primary optimized inverter company is located in the middle east with less than two years in the US.
Enphase is a publicly traded US Corporation with audited financial statements and over 8 million units installed.
Solar doesn’t have to be Ugly
Because the 600V DC Electricity is to dangerous to run through the inside of you home, electrical code requires that it must be run through conduit on the exterior.
Have you considered what this will look like?
Enphase Outperforms All other products
Enphase produces more energy than Optimizer String Inverters under any configuration or conditions
When more or less than SolarEdge’s ideal number of modules (14), Enphase produces 3.1% more energy
Enphase microinverters are proven to produce more at dawn, dusk and in low-light conditions
Outperformed Optimizers in both shaded and unshaded tests
Quantifying the Production Advantage
Why does 3% matter?
What is a 3% production advantage worth?
6kW system
Utility rate: $0.11/kWh
Timespan: 20 years
Utility inflation: 2.9%
Optimizer String Inverter Claim: Turns on at 5V
Optimizer Sting Inverter Efficiency is Misleading
SolarEdge likes to talk about the efficiency of their optimizer or their string inverter, but not both.
High Voltage DC is Less Safe for Your Home
Enphase system
Safer worksite
No high voltage in customer’s home
No conduit or inverter installed on home’s exterior

SolarEdge system
High voltage on customer’s roof
Firefighters won’t go on roofs with high voltage solar systems

Those Who Value Safety Choose Enphase
82 firehouses in 10 states have Enphase systems on their roofs.

“When Firefighters have a choice, they choose Enphase.”

The Hidden Costs of String Inverters
If you’re only looking at up-front costs, you’re missing the big picture
Operational efficiency
Inverter replacement
Operations & Maintenance
Putting It All Together
Understanding the Enphase Advantage
The Enphase Microinverter System
US Corporation that you can count on
Aesthetically Pleasing Solar Installation
Safest product for you home – No High voltage DC
Field-proven reliability – Over 7.5 Million Installed
Lowest lifetime Operations & Maintenance Costs
Best in Class 25 Year Warranty
Highest Performance and Energy Production
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