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Six Goals of the Preamble

No description

Taylor Rankin

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Six Goals of the Preamble

Added because there was no national army, only state militias
4. Common Defense
Peace within our borders
Added because of small rebellions and unrest
Added because there was no national court system
2. Establish justice
Improve the strength of the union
Added because each state was doing its own thing
Six Goals of the Preamble
Added because the gov’t was in danger of collapsing and being taken over by a foreign power (too weak to respond to challenges)
Added because of the bad economic state under the Articles, state trading policies, & no common currency

adding new states over the years (Puerto Rico might become the 51st state)
was the Civil War
1. Perfect Union

Large federal court system
Rights of the accused in the Bill of Rights
Slow and crowded court system
Some criminals escape prosecution
Lack legal resources for poor

Generally feel safe in homes
Do not fear unrest

Slow response after Hurricane Katrina
3. Domestic Tranquility
– our military is one of the most well-equipped/best trained in the world
– 9/11 and Pearl Harbor
– our high standard of living

Great Depression
Huge welfare system
5. General Welfare
– over 200 years of freedom

Lack of rights for women and minorities in history
6. Blessing of Liberty
Discuss with a partner:
Why are some words capitalized?
How is the original different from the one we are familiar with today?
Why is it important to change the opening line?
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