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A brief look at Zotero use cases for Penn State's LAST Summit

Dawn Childress

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of Zotero

{ ZOTERO Try it! Visit www.zotero.org
Join a Zotero group
Email dawn@psu.edu for questions and... STRATEGY! Annotating your research explore collect manage analyze share so now what? What is Zotero and what can I do with it anyway? Zotero collect citations from online sources TheCAT and WorldCat
MLA, GoogleScholar, ProQuest
Flickr and YouTube get full-text for articles in your Zotero library with a click... archive organize tags long-term storage collections searching keywords use case: use Zotero to organize media files, such as interviews, video, or PDFs Creating relationships Visualizing information Zotero is a Firefox plug-in that can help you:
collect and manage citations
analyze research
share information Mark-up webpages maps timelines { } mine information fields for geographic data use case: map your Zotero collection by place keywords or by place of publication create a timeline from collections in Zotero... use case: keep track of versions of a work by creating relationships use case: show relationship between art images and articles with the related tab, you can create relationships between items in your Zotero library create notes within your Zotero library, or attach notes to individual items Notes Group libraries Share libraries for group projects Reading lists for your class write-n-cite smart bibliographies reports automatically cite references and generate a bibliography with word processor integration drag and drop citations into webpages to create Zotero friendly bibliographies ready for import by others generate reports about items in your collection, including notes Output use case: use reports to track students' research progress
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