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The Car We Had to Push

Ginny Dixon Jasmyne Phillips AJ Lovitt

Ginny Dixon

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The Car We Had to Push

The Car We Had to Push In the short story,The Car We Had to Push, the narrator describes situations that involves a car that would not start unless pushed for a distance.He also mentions parts in his life that were very chaotic. Summary: James Thrrber was born, December 8,1894 in Columbus, Ohio. He attended Ohio State University 1913 to 1917. He died November 2, 1961. James Thurber Narrator: The person behind the story describing the situations in his life and involving the car.

Get Ready Man: Man in the story in which goes around yelling "Get Re-ady!!" He is screaaming about the he end of the world.

Grandmother: The narrator"s grandmother. She is worried about electricity flowing down the walls and killing her and her family.

Grandfather: The narrators grandfather. He was a crazy old man who thought someone died, no matter how many times the family explained that the car had died. Character Information In this short story the narrator is describing memories he had from his childhood. For instance: The Narrator and his family owned a Reo (A type of car) in which would not start unless it was pushed for a distance, and suddenly let your clutch out. Sometimes it even took as many as five times to start. Another crazy scene in the story was the narrator's grandmother believed that electricity was bad. She thought little invisible electricity dripped all over the house. Plot Sequence
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