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Splashup training: An introduction to social media

No description

Helen Reynolds

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Splashup training: An introduction to social media

Helen Reynolds
& Jessica Roberts What is social media?
Coffee break
Case studies
The learning resource
Networking and chat Our Session Lack of knowledge or training
ROI unclear: Is it really worth it?
"I'm too busy!"
Technologically challenged
Fear of saying the wrong thing
Only t***s tweet! Why bother? We can't stop progress
The way the world communicates has changed forever The conversations are happening....with or without you
Spiraling popularity and usage
Cost effective
Provides a human face to organisations
Consumer driven and consumer generated
Lots of fab info you'd never normally see
It's fun! What does your customer profiling tell you?
What do the next generation want?
Tomorrow's customers are today’s digital natives
How are you planning for this?
What are your customers saying about you? What's
You? 3 minutes 51 seconds to change your mind #savetheintern Myth number 1 Myth 2: from 112 fifteen year olds! Myth 3: lifespill a new kind of product placement Tumblr and Facebook and Formspring Business tools Myth 4: nerds and kids Employers find your digital footprint quicker than you can say ‘Google me’ 2012 Headlines and what they tell us about 2013 Most retweeted tweet of all time Even though we’re talking to friends, this is public An introduction to social media Who are we?
Build brand loyalty Conduct crisis communications 9 opportunities Responding to customer complaints Issue blog posts and tweets instead of news releases Manage your reputation Recruit employees Showcase your wares Demonstrate thought leadership Crowdsource your challenges Best job in the world The winner Over to Jess for some case studies Margate v. Easyjet Winner now also writes for Queensland tourism blog Qld Facebook page has over 580,000 likes, 28.7k twitter followers Strong place identity World wide media attention The Splashup Aim to build on last year’s event of circa 7,000 people

Weekend event for October 25-27

World Record Surf, UK Championships and maybe a bigger licensed venue

Building network of people to organise this year’s event Why are you here? Social media awareness raising sessions with Helen Reynolds and Jess Roberts

Starting today and with us for next 7 weeks

Organise around Mini Splashup – a series of events promoted and managed through social media

Conclude with debrief session

Online tools & guide What is planned so far for March?

Music event Friday 1st March with Buska

Youth & family event including have-a-go weekend of 9th March

Making Waves Event March 16th

Other have-a-go watersports activities

Contribution to setting-up a weekly Parkrun to run from March 2013

Setting up World Record Surf for October 2013 Has your business got an online personality? Let's get coffee Rules Ask, interrupt, question How about you? Name, business, what do you hope to get from today? What's yours? Blog Twitter Youtube Linkedin Pinterest Facebook Foursquare Instagram Skype What is social media? User generated Online Users aged 50 to 64 made up nearly a quarter of Facebook's audience in March Why were people so upset?
Easyjet suggesting Margate was second-class destination
Easyjet either ignorant or misrepresenting Margate
Advert placed on the train that served Margate Positives
Local & national media attention
Free publicity
Online communities show pride in area How would you turn this into a positive? Imagine this: Boris Johnson has just tweeted to his 613k followers:

"Porthcawl is a dive" Next session: Twitter! (12th Feb - 5pm):

Phones please! Laptops and tablets too!


Conversation is already happening - be part of it
Think about your audiences - who are they?
Don't be afraid!
Task! Find five

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