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new brunswick joining confederation

sara, reem, ruba, sierra, jibran, mustafa

sara siddiqi

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of new brunswick joining confederation

New Brunswick Joining Confederation By: Ruba, Sierra, Sara, Moustafa, Reem and Jibran Why did New Brunswick want to join Confederation? Interesting Facts Many of the settlers thought that the powerful United States would want to expand Northward to New Brunswick. However, if they were part of Canada they would be better able to defend this threat.
People also thought Confederation would help the economy by producing a larger market for their goods and a link to other colonies by the inter colonial railway if they were to come together as one. Immediate Effects Immediate Effects: Cons Samuel Leonard Tilley 1818-1896
John M. Johnson 1818-1868 William H. Steeves 1814-1873
Edward B Chandler 1800-1880
John Hamilton Gray 1814-1889
Peter Mitchell 1824-1899
Charles Fisher 1808-1880
R.D. Wilmot 1809-1891 Fathers of Confederation
New Brunswick did not want to join Confederation because the central government was paying each colony a subsidy fund depending on the colonies population. The central government was paying each person 80 cents. Therefore, New Brunswick did not want to join Confederation. Pros - If they stayed as one colony they would get their own choices of government. Potential Effects -If they joined Confederation, Britain would help with funds to build railways to help increase trade. Potential Effects: -Joining Confederation would help New Brunswick defend against the Fenians. Total population: 252,000 If they join Confederation they wouldn't have that much say for elections. - Since New Brunswick had a small population, if they joined Confederation, they wouldn't have to worry about Rep. by Pop. Largest city by population: Saint John 28,805 Why did New Brunswick not want to join Confederation? In the 1860s New Brunswick was still a colony of Britain. The people who had settled there were mainly of English, Irish, Scottish and Acadian background. Although the economy was strong, some people, including the leader of the government Samuel Leonard Tilley, believed that joining Canada would be the best thing for New Brunswick. Therefore, these colonies decided to enter Confederation. The cons were that New Brunswick would lose control after Confederation. After Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley was re-elected into office the people had a completely different mind set on it. They were afraid of the Americans and wanted a strong army behind them and that it had economic benefits if they formed Confederation with Canada. Railway would be paid off which means they would have protection against Finian attack.
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