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5 themes of Geography: The United Kingdom

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Mackenzie Haupt

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of 5 themes of Geography: The United Kingdom

5 themes of Geography: The United Kingdom
Relative Location
In the northern, eastern, and western hemispheres
The U.K. is bordered by Ireland, the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea in the east, the English channel in the south, and the Irish Sea in the west
Off of the north- western coast of continental Europe
Hills and and low mountains
Wildlife- fox, weasel, badger, deer, etc.
Thames River in Gloucestershire, England
Absolute Location
The U. K. is 53 degrees North, 2 degrees West
Place: Physical Characteristics
Movement of People
Railroads and subways
Canals and waterways
Movement of Goods/Products
Human/ Environment Interaction: humans using the environment
we use flat elevation to build on
Prezi by Mackenzie Haupt: 2nd Hr.
The United Kingdom
Human/ Environment Interaction: humans adapting to the environment
use raingear for when it rains
warm clothes for the winter
Human/ Environment Interaction: humans changing the environment
cars polluting the air
oil pollution
pollution to rivers and seas from acid rain
pollution from factories
England~ Southern Part
Wales~ Western Part
Scotland~ Northern Part
Northern Ireland~ South-western part
Place: Human Characteristics
Big Ben
The London Eye
Buckingham Palace
A location that is located by explaining other locations that are nearby.
Latitude and longitude
Things that were not made by humans.
Things that were made by humans.
How people get around.
Things that were made in the U.K.
How people interact with the Earth
How people adapt to the Earth
How people change the Earth
Parts of the U.K.
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