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Holly Martin

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Syria

Syria! Capitol of Syria-Damascus Syria's Flag
Stars represent the constituent states of Syria and Egypt

Physical Features! Land Area 113,850.6 miles Climate Mostly desert; hot; dry; sunny summers & mild, rainy winters along the coast; cold weather with snow or sleet Terrain Primaraly simiarid and desert; narrow coastal plains; Mountains in the west Population 21,762,978 people Persent of urban population 54% of total population Population Desity 103/KM2 Absolute location of Syria 33,30N; 36,18E Type of government Republic under and athoritarian military Important people Bashar al-ASAD
Farouk al-SHARA
Najah al-ATTAR
Muhammad Naji al-UTRI
GDP per capita $4,700 Life expectancy Male- 71 years
Female-76 years Literacy rates Male-86%
Female-73.6% Languages spoken Arabic
English Religions Sunni muslims
Jewish Unique foods Kibbe- a shell is made from bulgher, weat and flour Lahamajene- round meat patties; very special Timeline 3000 B.C- The first people who setteld in Syria were called Semites
2600 B.C- A powerful civilization exisisted and traded and warred with other semitic tribes
1800 B.C- A civilization ruled an empire in Northeast, Syria
1500 B.C- A group named the Arameans developed a language that dominated Syria and lasteduntil the Muslims conquest
1200 B.C- The Hebrews or Israelites moved to southern Syria under King David's rule and built a strong kingdom
538 B.C- Syria became part of the Persian Empire until the thrid century B.C
3oo B.C- The Persians, which include Syria were conquered by Alexander The Great

Syria and Isreal In 1981 Isreal formally declared the Golan Heights part of Isreal. Syria still claims this Territory Bibliography! (: C.I.A Factbook
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