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Less important myths and the Norsemen

Bryana Summers

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Mythology

Mythology Bryana Summers (AP Literature) Part 6 and The Less Important Myths
Part 6 The Norsemen
Part 7 -Midas
-The Danaids
-Glaucus and Scylla
-Pomona and Vertumnus
-The Amazons
-Aurora and Tithonus
-Biton and Cleobis Odin- sky father
Balder- son of Odin and Frigga
Hella/Hel- Goddess of the dead
Frigga- Wife of Odin
Mimir the Wise- guards Well of Knowledge
Freya- Goddess of Love and Beauty
Heimdall- warder of Bifrost
Thor- thunder god
Freyr- cared for the fruits of earth
Tyr- God of war
Loki- son of a giant, sworn brotherhood with Odin
Sigyn- Loki's wife
Nanna- Balder's wife
Ymir- first giant, Odin's grandfather
Hoder- Brother of Balder Part 7 Signy- daughter of Volsung
Sigmund- brother of Signy
Sinfiotli- son of Sigmund and Signy Brynhild- Valkyrie
Sigurd- son of Sigmund
Gunnar- King of Giukungs
Gudrun- sister of the king, wife of Sigurd
Griemhild- mother of the king Story of Signy Signy's husband had killed her father, Volsung and captured each of her brothers. All of her brothers were killed by her husband except Sigmund, whom she helped to escape. Signy wanted a blood relative help Sigmund extract their revenge so she disguised herself and stayed with Sigmund for three days before returning to her husband. She had a son named Sinfiotli who she sent to Sigmund and once he was old enough they set out to kill Signy's husband. When they got there they set the house on fire and kept her husband inside. Signy joined her husband in the house completing her promise that she would die with her husband. Story of Sigurd Sigurd had rescued Brynhild, a Valkyrie who was cursed to a continuous sleep until someone woke her from her firey couch. Sigurd staid a while but had to leave to seek brotherhood with the king, Gunnar. While he was there, the king's mother used magic to make Sigurd marry her daughter Gudrun. Gunnar wanted Brynhild as his wife and sent Sigurd disguised as the king. When Brynhild found out the truth she to the king that Sigurd had slept with her. The king insured that Sigurd was killed. Brynhild killer herself. Gudrun was unable to cry over the death of her love until someone told her to kiss her love goodbye and then she couldn't stop. Balder and Loki Balder was liked by everyone so when he had a dream about his own demise his mother, Frigga set out to ensure his safety. Everything living and not agreed to no harm to Balder except mistletoe. Loki found out this fact and tricked Balder's brother into throwing the stick at Balder to see if it would hurt him. Loki made the stick hit Balder hard enough to kill him. Odin was desperate to get his boy back and made a deal with Hela, the goddess of the dead: If everything living is sad that Balder is gone then she would return him. Messengers were sent and everything living agreed to cry except a Giantess. Because of her refusal Hela kept Balder and Loki was chained in a cave with a serpent dripping venom on him. His wife came to help with a cup but when she emptied the cup, Loki would scream and rock the earth from the painful venom. Creation -When Odin and his 2 brothers killed their grandfather, Ymir, the made the sea from his blood, the earth from his body, and the heavens from his skull. - The first man and woman were created from trees and became the parents of the earth population. -Yggdrasil (ash-tree) supports the universe. The roots include Hel beneath one, frost giants (Jotunheim) under another, man (Midguard) beneath the third and it is said that a root reaches up to Azguard. -Callisto
-Hero and Leander
-The Hyades -They Hyades
-Ibycus and the Cranes
-Leto (Letano)
-Marpessa -Marsyas
-The Myamidons
-Nisus and Scylla
-The pleiades
-Tyro Midas King of Phrygia Midas helped a drunken man back home to his master, Bacchus, who was very grateful and granted Midas a wish. Midas asked for the 'golden touch' turning everything he touched into gold including food and water. When he no longer wanted his gift he washed it off in the river Pactolus.

Another story of Midas includes the gods Apollo and Pan. Midas preferred Pan than Apollo and in rage Apollo gave Midas donkey ears. When Midas' barber saw the ears he couldn't tell anyone so he told his secrete to the dirt in a hole but the plants that grew whispered the secrete when the wind blew. Aesculapius Son of Apollo and Coronis Coronis was a maiden who cheated on Apollo. Apollo of course found out and killed her. He took the child she bared to Chiron, the centaur. Chiron taught the boy to heal and Aesculapius surpassed him in the arts. He even once brought back a child from the dead. Zeus was unhappy about this and killed Apollo's son with his thunderbolt. In raged, Apollo killed the Cyclopes who forged the thunderbolt that killed his son. Zeus then condemned Apollo to serve king Admetus as a slave. The Danaids maidens- daughters of Danaus The 50 cousins of the Danaids wanted to marry them but the Danaids did not want to and the fled. The cousins found them and forced their marriage. The Danaids' father had a plan and each maiden was to kill their husband on their wedding night. One Danaid, Hypermnestra, could not kill the boy she married, Lynceus, and helped him flee. Her father found out and threw her in prison. Because of her act she was freed from punishment in hell where the other Danaids filled jars riddled with holes with water forever. Glaucus and Scylla Glaucus (fishermen) Scylla (numph) Glaucus was accepted by sea-gods and turned into one of them. As a sea-god he fell in love with Scylla who would bath in a bay. When she saw him she thought of him as a monster and would always run from him. Glaucus then went to Circe, an enchantress, but she fell in love with Glaucus. Glaucus refused Circe and the enchantress was mad at Scylla for taking him. She poisoned the bay she always bathed and when Scylla came she was turned into a sea monster. And in this bay she killed and hated anything that she was able to reach as she was trapped in stone. She would later come into contact with Jason, Odysseus and Aenaeus. Erysichthon Erysichthon cut down Ceres's tree and enraged, Ceres sent Famine after Erysichthon so that no matter how much food he consumes he would always be hungry. He became so poor with buying food that he sold his own daughter for food. His daughter prayed to Poseidon to help her and Poseidon changed her form so that when her owner came looking for her he would never recognize her. She went back to her father and he sold her over and over again with her always returning to him. Later the money was not enough and her turned to his own body to feed his hunger and died. Pomona and Vertumnus Pomona(garden nymph) Pomona continuously refused her suitors and did not accept a man into her garden. Vertumnus was one of her suitors and he loved her. He would disguise himself to get close to her. One day he came as an old woman and told Pomona that Venus hated hard-hearted women and that she needed to "yield to her true lover." He shedded his disguise and Pomona leaped into his arms. Amalthea- goat/person with a goat who fed milt to baby Zeus and created the Cornucopia. The Amazons- nation of warrior women Amymore- a Danaid pursued by a satyr and saved by Poseidon who loved her and made a spring in her honor. Antiope- pincess of thebes who born two children to Zeus. She abandoned them on a mountain where a shepherd found them. The ruler of Thebes and his wife treated her badly and when she sought refuge in the country her sons recognized her and went to the palace to exact revenge. They through Dirce (the wife)'s body into a spring and named it after her. Arachne- a peasant girl who beat the weaver for the Olympians, Minerva in a contest. Minerva got upset, destroyed her cloth and beat her in the head and forced Arachne to hang herself. Minerva, filled with regret, took Arachne's body and turned her into a spider to continue weaving. Arion- a poet during 700 B.C. who claimed to have been visited by Apollo in his dreams and told him of his death. He was the master of lyre and before the crew of the ship killed him they let him play the instrument. He flung himself from the ship and caught by the dolphins attracted by the music and was taken to land. Aristacus- son of Apollo and a water nymph, Cyrene and keeper of the bees. One day all his bees died. Captured Proteus and kept him until he told him how to save his bees. He had to make a sacrifice and look at his bees after nine days. The ninth day he had a swarm of bees and they never died again. Aurora and Tithonus- Aurora (the godess of Dawn) wanted her husband Tithonus to live forever with her. She asked Zeus to make him immortal. He never died but his body continued to age until he felt a large about of pain because even though his body has failed him he still lives. Their son became Memnon of Ehtiopia (prince) and had a statue erected in his name. Biton and Cleobis- sons of Cydippe (priestess of Hera). Cydippe was in her old age when she wanted to see the great statue of Hera. Her sons carried her to the statue themselves. When she arrived she asked Hera to give them her greatest gift and both of her sons dropped dead with smiles on their faces. Callisto- daughter of Lycaon (King of Arcadia). Was changed into a bear by Hera after bearing a son to Zeus. Her son, Arcas, nearly killed her when he was out hunting but Zeus snatched her and placed her among the stars where her son later joined her as "Little Bear." Chiron- a centaur who trained heroes and was immortal. Hercules opened a jar of wine that belonged to only the centaurs. The centaurs went to exact revenge and Chiron got caught in the cross-fire. Zeus allowed him to die instead of living in paid with the incurable wound. Clytie- a maiden turned into a sunflower for loving the Sun god. Dryope- a maiden who was turned into a tree by Lotus (the nymph) after she plucked a few blossoms from the nymphs tree form. Epimenides- was asleep for 57 years. Woke up to purify Athens of a plague and to create a relationship between Athens and Crete. Ericthonius- man/serpent who was raised by Athena. Athena hid him in a box and gave it to three sisters. When the three sisters witnessed him Athena drew them mad until they killed themselves. Later became king of Athens. Hero and Leander- Leander (youth of Abys) swam across the shore guided to visit Hero (priestess of Aphrodite) and guided by her light. As storm came and there was no light so he died in the water. She found him and killed herself. The Hyades- daughters of Atlas and half sister of the Pleiades. Was entrusted with a baby by Zeus and in return was settled among the stars that brought rain. Ibycus and the Cranes- a poet during the 550 B.C. was murdered and called out the cranes to avenge him. During a play in the theater a man cried out because he thought the cranes would come after him. He was seized and charged as the murderer. Leto (Letona)- daughter of Titans Phoebe and Coeus. Born a child to Zeus and was abandoned by all lands. She found a piece of land floating in the ocean and was stabilized by four pillars of the sea. She born Apollo and Artemis. Linus- abandoned by mother, raised my shepherds and was torn to pieces by dogs. Marpessa- a maiden who was loved by Apollo and another mortal. Chose the mortal because he was less likely to cheat on her. Masyas- a satyr who thought they could play the flute better than Apollo but was unsuccessful. Melampus- saved two snakes and was repaid with them licking his ears and giving him the language of animals. A famous soothsayer. Freed by his captors by predicting that the wall would fall because he heard the termites eating the wall. Merope- wife of the king of Messonia, Cresphontes (son of Hercules) but he died with his two of his sons in a rebellion. His successor took her has his wife. Her son, Aepytus, pretended to be the one who killed her son. She wanted revenge, recognized him as his son and together they killed the successor and made Aepytus king. The Myamidons- men created form ants on the island Aegina. Aegina born a child with Zeus, Aeacus, who became king. Hera sent a pestilence and Aeacus asked Zeus for people to fill his city. Nysus and Scylla- Nisus (king of Megara) had a purple lock of hair and without it his city would not be protected. Scylla (his daughter) was in love with Minos (the enemy) and cut the lock of hair. Nisus and Scylla were turned into birds. She because she flung herself at the sea for her love of Minos and him to save his life when the city was attacked. Orion- a great hunter who was arranged to marry the daughter of the king of Chios. One day he insulted the maiden while drunk and the king blinded him while he slept. When to Lemnos to regain sight and came back as Artemis's hunter. Artemis killed him in the end. The Pleiades- the seven daughters of Atlas who was pursued by Orion. Zeus placed them among the stars so he couldn't reach the. Rhoecus- saved a dryad who granted him a wish. He wanted her love and she said yes and that she would call for him through a bee. Later on he forgot and harmed the bee when it came. The dryad had the bee blind him in revenge for the bee. Salmoneus- Zeus struck him dead after pretending to be the god during the festival to celebrate Zeus. Sisyphus- King of Corinth who was punished in Hades by rolling a stone up a hill which will forever roll down upon him for spying on Zeus when he took the daughter of the river-god (Asopus) Tyro- daughter of Salmoneus. Abandoned twins with Poseidon because of her husband. Her husband found out, put her away(ill-treatment) and married the her maid. When the husband died, the foster-kids were told about their parents and went searching for the mother. They found her and killed the maid.
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