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Cocaine production.

By Gareth Pool.

gareth pool

on 6 July 2010

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Transcript of Cocaine production.

Intro Location Cocaine facts Causes Effects Managment Conclusion The cocaine industry is thriving in Peru, it is an international crime affecting lots of people from the grower, all the way to the user. It causes many problems but it also solves some. Cocaine has many street names: Coke, Dust, Toot, Line, Nose Candy, Snow. Sneeze, Powder, Girl, White Pony, Flake, C, The Lady, Cain, Neurocain, Rock, Crack It is a stimulant drug like amphetamine and ecstacy. Cocaine can be injected, smoked, sniffed, or snorted. It is a formed from the coca plant. Cocaine is very addictive. The addiction to it happens quickly, sometimes after just a few times of using it. It can cause:
Loss of appetite
Blurred vision
High anxiety
Constricted blood vessels
Dilated pupils
Nasal infections
Nose bleeds
Rapid breathing
Violent behavior
Chest pain The long-term effects of using cocaine can include extreme agitation, violent mood swings and depression. A huge cocaine producer is Peru, in south america, coming second after Colombia.
Peru is a fairly poor country and cocaine and coffee are thier main exports. Cocaine production is illegal in Peru but the growing of the coca plant is not. Peru has many gangs who scare people into doing what they want. People in Peru are poor, getting involved in the cocaine industry is the best way to make money there. Coca can be harvested 4 times a year, making it a worthwile crop. Dangerous gangs rule parts of peru and they bullt people into producing cocaine for them. People at the top of the drug trade will be very powerfull so people may want to acheive this position. Cocaine has many effects on both people and the enviroment. The chemicals used to refine cocaine from coca leaves polloute rivers and kill wildlife, also they are flammable so they increase the chance of a forest fire. The people who use cocaine can die or catch diseases. Crime rates are higher in areas where people take cocaine. Gangs fight for money and land so the countries where coca is grown become very hostile. Peru has a huge drugs force funded by USA, it has 3 helicopters that patrol 3 times a day 7 times a week. It is attacked at least once a year. If the drugs force find a basa (where coca is refined) they burn it to prevent further use of it and to waste the chemicals. Cocaine is a class A drug so you can charged an unlimited fine and/or 7 years for possesion and for dealing you can be charged an unlimited fine and/or 14 years in jail. In peru it is legal to have amounts on cocaine on you if the judge thinks its for personal use. There have been many wars between the Peruvian drug force and the armed gangs such as "the shing path who killed 70,000 in the 1970's. Personally i think that cocaine is one of the worst international crimes because of the damage it causes. It ruins peoples lives all over the world but because of the huge profits that can be made from it people still trade it. The people who produce it pollute their own streams and rivers just to make 20 pounds a day. Although the police in Peru work hard it is almost impossible for them to destroy the Peruvian drug trade because of the gangs. I think the way to stop the cocaine trade is to destroy all of the land where it is grown but global warming may affect it aswell.
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