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Themes of "A Doll's House"

An outline of the major themes in Henrik Ibsen's most famous problem play.

Gianna Cruet

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Themes of "A Doll's House"

Themes Henrik Ibsen's
"A Doll's House" The Role of Women Nora: Her "most sacred duties", the doll's house

Mrs. Linde: Hard work, sacrificing love Conformity vs. independence (Appearance vs. reality)
How Nora and Torvald appear at the beginning vs. the end

Torvald's shock when Nora leaves

What Nora believed Torvald would do vs. what he actually did

Nora's "tarantella" dance symbolizes progress Heritability Dr. Rank's disease

Krogstad's immoral behavior:
"His children inhale the germs of
something ugly"

Nora's fear of incompetence infecting
her children Money and Materialism Torvald: Is a banker, cares
about money, financial

Nora: Appears to be a "spendthrift,"
actually in debt Sacrifice Mrs. Linde

Anne-Marie, the children's nurse


Torvald (or lack of)
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