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on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Divergent

In the novel, Divergent, Beatrice Prior is living in futuristic Chicago. She lives with her brother Caleb and her parents. Beatrice and Caleb are both sixteen which means that they are about to take the aptitude test that determines their fate. Beatrice can choose one of five factions to spend the rest of her live in. Abnegation- the selfless, Dauntless- the brave, Erudite- the intellectual, Amity- the peaceful, or Candor- the honest. Currently she lives in Abnegation and everyday she feels guilty for wanting to leave them.
Chapter 1/ Aptitude test
Today is the day of the aptitude test. Beatrice is in Abnegation- the faction that derives off of selflessness- but she wants to leave. Caleb and Beatrice go to school but today is only a half day. The rest of the time is used for volunteers to administer the sixteen-year-olds their aptitude tests. Mostly the volunteers are from Abnegation, but there is an Erudite and a Dauntless to test the initiates from Abnegation. All of the initiates sit in the cafeteria waiting for their names to be called. Caleb is called before Beatrice so she has to wait there by herself. When Caleb is released from his testing session, he comes out looking as pale as a ghost. Beatrice wants to ask him what happened but no one is allowed to talk about their aptitude test. Beatrice's name is called with the next group of initiates and she walks into the testing area. The testing area is different from the rest of the school because the rooms are separated by mirrors not glass. Beatrice walks into room six which has the Dauntless volunteer. The volunteer's name is Tori and she helps Beatrice get all the wires into place. Beatrice drinks the serum and then closes her eyes. When she opens them again, she is in the simulation. Beatrice is in the cafeteria and is being given the choice between cheese and a knife. She decides to be curious and asks why.Tori makes the objects disappear and a dog appears. It bears its teeth and comes closer. Beatrice remembers that dogs can smell fear so she tries to act like she is in charge. When the dog is within two feet it starts to be all sweet. Then a little girl walks in. The dog turns and starts growling. Beatrice throws herself onto the dog and saves the girl. The simulatiion changes and Beatrice is on a bus. There is a guy sitting there reading the newspaper. He asks her who the man on the front page is and Beatrice lies telling him that she doesn't know. He said that she could save him if she knew but she had made her final decision.
Beatrice sitting in the aptitude test chair.
Chap 5/Choosing Ceremony
The choosing ceremony was the day after the aptitude test. All of the sixteen year old initiates stood in line in alphabetical order. Every year the starting point changes so this year it is reverse alphabetical. Beatrice is contemplating whether or not she should choose Abnegation when it is Caleb's turn. As he walks up the steps, Beatrice is positive that he will choose Abnegation. Caleb takes the knife and a drop of his blood falls into the Erudite bowl. Beatrice grits her teeth and makes her way to the stage. She would be the one that stayed with their parents. Beatrice takes the knife and cuts her palm. She gasps and her hand accidentally falls over Dauntless. A drop of blood falls into the bowl. The Dauntless applaud and the Abnegation frown. Beatrice looks out at her parents and sees her mother smiling and her father frowning. The rest of the ceremony is a blur to her and before Beatrice knows it, she is ushered out the door.
Chap 6/Building jump
Beatrice is on the train with her new friend Christina who is a faction transfer from Candor. They look out the open car and see the others jumping onto the building. Even though they are seven stories up, the initiates must jump or else they will fail initiation and become factionless. Christina and Beatrice jump off and land safely on the roof of the building. Max, one of the Dauntless leaders, tells them that they have to jump the seven stories into the unknown hole below. Everyone backs up not wanting to be the first to go. Beatrice, who is feeling brave, decides that she will go. She takes off her jacket and throws it at Peter who called her a Stiff, which is the slang term for Abnegation. She walks to the edge and just falls. When she reaches the bottom she falls into a net. A hand reaches out to help her up and asks her what her name is. Beatrice shortens her name to Tris.
Chap 8/Gun Training
The next day is the fist day of training. Tris walks into the room and is handed a gun by Four, the instructor. Four starts telling the initiates how the three stages of initiation. They are physical, emotional, and mental preparedness tests. Peter asks what using a gun has to do with bravery and Four flips the gun so that the barrel is against Peter's forehead. Four tells Peter to stop acting like an idiot and walks away to demonstrate. There are targets on the walls and Fours bullet goes through the center circle. Everyone starts to fire and no one hits the target. After a few rounds, everyone has hit the target but Tris. Will, who was from Erudite, Tells her that she should have hit the target by now and that she was defying the laws of nature. The next shot hits the target and Tris smiles at Will.
Chap 10/Round 2
Tris, Christina, and Al walk into the fighting arena. When Tris glances up at the chalkboard she freezes. Written next to her name is Peter. They get to go first and Peter starts taunting Tris. He says stuff like "Why don't you beg for mercy?" and "Just one tear and I'll go easy on you." Eric, one of the Dauntless leaders, tells him to stop playing with Tris. At that point, Peter decides it's time to move. He brings his fist up and punches Tris in the jaw. She becomes off balance but does everything she can to stay up because if Tris falls, Peter will kick her in the head. Peter snaps out his leg and Tris falls. He keeps kicking and punching her until she is unconscious.
Chap 12/Capture the Flag
Two days after her fight with Peter, Tris crawls into bed. As soon as she lies down, the lights tun on and a bunch of older Dauntless come in. Eric tells them to get up and be at the tracks in five minutes. The train comes and everyone piles on. When Tris is in the car, she sees a box marked paintballs. Even though she has no idea what they are, she laughs. Four and Eric are the team captains. Four goes for the lean narrower build while Eric goes for the muscular build. Tris ends up on Four's team and they get off first. Marlene, a Dauntless-born initiate, asks Four where his team hid the flag when they won. He wouldn't tell her but Uriah's older brother was on the winning team so he led the way. The flag was hidden on the old carousel near the ferris wheel. While everyone was fighting about the strategy they should use, Tris decides to climb the wheel to see if she could find out where the other teams flag is. Four comes up silently behind her and starts to follow. As they climb, he quizes her about the game. As soon as they reach the top of the ladder, Four is out of breath. Tris scoots across the platform to make room for him. She looks out to try and see but a building is in her way. She stands up and starts to climb the scaffolding. When she gets high enough, Tris sees that the other team is in the park. When they get off the ferris wheel, Tris tells the rest of Four's team and they go and retrieve the flag.
Chap 13/Knife training
The next day when Tris walks into the training room again, there are knives laying on the table. Everyone picks up three, and watch Four demonstrate. First Tris watches his arm, and the she watches his stance. Once everyone can start throwing, Tris stands there practicing without releasing the knife. Peter laughs at her and she releases the knife. Tris is the first person to hit a target. After all the initiates have hit their targets multiple times, Al is the only one left. Everyone collects their knives and go back to their places. Al throws again and misses. That catches Eric's attention and he walks over. Eric tells Al to go pick up his knife but Al refuses because everyone else is still throwing.Eric tells everyone to get out of the throwing area and has Al stand in front of a target. He calls Four over and tells him to hit the target. Tris couldn't stand it anymore so she tells them to stop. Eric makes her take Al's place but if she flinches, Al will have to go back. Four throws the first two without hitting Tris but on the last throw he nicks her ear.
Chap 14/Round 3
The next day is the last round of fights. Tris has been teased by Molly, Drew, and Peter one too many times. She hopes that she is partnered with Peter again, but when Four steps away from the chalkboard, Molly's name is written next to hers. They get into the fighting rink and Tris kicks. Molly is knocked of balance and Tris goes for a punch. Her fist sinks into Molly's stomach and Molly falls to the ground. Tris kicks her in the ribs. Then she goes for the head. Next she goes for the face. Tris brings her leg back to kick again but Four grabs her arm and pulls her back
Chap 15/Visiting Day
The next day is visiting day. On visiting day, all the Dauntless-born initiates go and visit their parents. All of the transfer initiates hope that their parents came. Tris walks out of the dormitory and sees everyone, but Drew and Molly, with their parents. Tris scans the room and finds her mother. She runs over to her and they wrap each other in a hug. Tris introduces her mom to all of her friends and their families. As they are walking back Tris's mom notices Four. Her mom says that she thinks that he's cute and Tris unintentionally shakes her head yes. Four and Mrs. Prior are introduced and then Tris is led down a hallway by her mom. Mrs. Prior tells Tris to be careful during the next stage of initiation and then tells her to try the cake. As she is leaving, Tris realizes that her mother is from Dauntless.
Chap 18/Simulations
In the second stage of initiation, the Dauntless-born and the transfers are grouped together. No one knows what happens until they go throught the double doors at the end of the hallway. Tris, Uriah, and Peter are the only people left sitting out in the hallway. Tris is called and she walks towards the doors. When she walks in she immediately draws back. In the middle of the room is a chair that looks identical to the one used for the Aptitude test. Four leads her over to the chair and starts the simulation. Tris is in the middle of a field and she sees a flock of birds. They come shooting towards Tris and then they start pecking at her. She curls up into a ball and feels like she's going to die
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