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Civil War Anesthesia

No description

Adrika Chakraborty

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Civil War Anesthesia

Civil War Anesthesia Question Time!!!! C/SN Adrika Chakraborty -Total number of cases in which anesthetics were employed during the war was no less than eighty thousand (80,000) instances.
-American military surgeons first used anesthetics during the Mexican-American War of 1846-48
-Doctors were very cautious; not practiced very often
-More of a risk than a benefit
-Need for surgery and amputation began increasing dramatically, and anesthesia became a saving grace for patients in both the North and
the South.
-Anesthesia was almost always, as a rule, used in surgery, in fact, there were 800,000 cases of it's use
-Over time, anesthesia became more succesful
-Mortality Rate: 4%

Anesthetics Gain Popularity -Two different kinds of anesthetic medicines: Ether and Chloroform
-Of the two, chloroform was usually the anesthetic of choice
-Chloroform was very in demand: extremely scarce in Confederate hospitals
-This scarcity was the mother of invention; an inverted funnel lined with cotton became an inhaler that concentrated the vapors, whereby less chloroform was used for each patient.

Invention of Inhaler 1. During which war was anesthesia first used?
a)French and Indian War
b)Korean War
c)Civil War
d)Mexican-American War
2. What was the anesthetic mortality rate?
3. Why was the inhaler invented? Method of Application Pouring the agent on linen
Holding it at some distance from the patient’s nose and mouth
Gradually moving it closer to the face until unconscious 1. d) Mexican American War

2. B) 4% THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!
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