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Laurent Clerc

No description

Lili Chang

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Laurent Clerc

Laurent Clerc Who is he? What did he do to help the Deaf community? Why is he important to the Deaf community? What mode of communication did he use? ...and more. Who is Laurent Clerc? He was born December 26, 1785.
He passed away at the age of 84, July 18, 1869. He was born in La Balme-les-Grottes, Isère, a village on the northeastern edge of Lyon
His father was the mayor of La Balme How did he become deaf? At the age of one, when he was left unattended, fell from his chair into the hearth suffering a hit to the head.
That sustained a permanent scar on the right side of his face below his ear. Laurent Clerc's parents believed that his deafness and inability to smell was caused by this incident.
But, later on Clerc wrote that he was unsure that he might have been born without the ability to smell or hear. Where did he go to school? At the age of 12, his uncle decided to take him to Paris School for the Deaf.
This was the first time he was introduced to sign language.
He could not speak before this.
His speech teacher would smack him in the face when mispronouncing words like T and D.
After this he vowed to never use his voice again, and he didn't. Clerc stayed at the school and taught other students as a tutor during 1805.
He became a teacher in 1806. What mode of communication did this person use? Clercs mode of communication and teaching was French sign's Did their family members sign? Was anyone else in his family deaf? Why is he considered famous? There is no evidence stated that his family members sign, or if anyone in his family was deaf. His family used gestures and writing to communicate with him. He co-founded the first School for the Deaf in North America. How did Laurent Clerc impact society? Laurent Clerc impacted society by teaching children french sign and co-founding the School for the Deaf. Why is he important to the Deaf community? Laurent Clerc is important to the Deaf community because without him there wouldn't have been a school in north America that focuses directly on the Deaf. What were some of the contributions to society is he known for? Some of the contributions Laurent Clerc is known for is co-founding American School for the Deaf with Thomas Gallaudet. Some interesting Facts... He is known as the "Apostle of the Deaf America"
He has the most known ASL name gesture(show). Thank you for your attention
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