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Intresting things

No description

Umair Farooq

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Intresting things

Interesting things!
Hey how are you?
I'm Umair.
Mine craft
I labled some of the monsters you come across in mine craft!

Find out more
did you know you can highlight stuff on prezi!
Global warming
Global warming is not something to laugh about
global warming
The world is burning
The planet earth is getting heated up because of greenhouse gasses!
Ice blankets are melting in the north and south pole.
Antarctica wont stay big for long it is slowly melting
The wold is more important than some industries that are polluting and stealing our hard earned money
Tell this to everyone
Hopefully that has made your thoughts turn against polluting industries!
magma cube[
Cave Spider
Iorn Golem
Ender Dragon
Black holes!
Black holes are not actually red
Did you know facts!
Black holes suck in everything including light!
The gravitational pull of a black hole is humongous that's why even light can not escape
Did you know that the stellar mass that a black hole consumes, gets added to the black hole's stellar mass itself
Black holes have things orbiting them that's why galaxies are mostly structured around a black hole
There is a black hole at the center of our galaxy!
Drama act
Thank you for watching!!!
Thank you
and bye bye
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