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No description

sandeepa madhusanka

on 19 March 2014

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Our Group Members
Almost all the local eye clinics maintain a paper -based system to report patients’ clinical data. It is hard to find any patient’s record at once. And also it is hard to keep many records of a particular patient since his or her first medical day at the clinic.

Our Eye Clinic Management System is to avoid such problems and to manage their time more efficiently.

About our project……
By using our system they can find all the records of a particular patient just by entering his or her given Patient ID at the search bar. And also they can maintain each patient’s record up to date.

Access to the records of the patients will be limited and well secured.Only for the authorized people can access them. Each patient will have his or her own profile. Patient’s profile will represent the patient’s clinic book.

In addition to those features patients can access to the web site and explore more details about the clinic.
Review all records of an old patient quickly just by entering patient ID
(rather than finding a clinic book in a paper based system)

Maintain all the reports, readings, medicines, prescriptions, treatments
and other activities up to date.

Channeling and appointments can be made out through the web site or the hotline provided by the clinic.

Our goals……
Our system will be developed for an eye clinic to manage their daily tasks at the clinic. Our Eye Clinic Management System is there to accomplish these requirements with some additional features as well.

Description of
the system ……
We have two main parts of the system.

Web based system especially for the clients (patients).
Patients can register online (who attends to the clinic only).
Other viewers can only explore the external web pages about the clinic and other stuff (ex: disease details, video links related to this, treatments etc).
Patients who come to the clinic will be registered by a staff administrative or the

Patients can make appointments online, e -channeling is also possible.
Additionally we hope put descriptions about the eye related diseases,videos, general tips: how to protect the eyes, how to remove glasses correctly, how to wash your spectacles and so on.
In the same way doctors and other system users will have their own profile. Patients can view doctors’ public details (such as qualifications, education) as well.

Local database management system software
for staff use.
Staff members:
Doctors, administrator (/s), receptionist, data entry officers
One doctor or several doctors will be administrators of the system. They can access and control the system.
Each doctor can see his or her patients’ profiles.
Assistants or respective officers or the doctors themselves can enter data to the system. Otherwise it can be performed by a data entry operator. It is optional.
Senior doctor or director can be assigned as the administrator.

Project Plan.....
We hope to use following resources for our system
Web 2.0




Project Plan ……
Gantt chart
Work breakdown structure

Main deliverables of the system ….

Working software(Eye Clinic Management System) with a data base which has separate interfaces for doctors, administrators and receptionist, assistants (if any) of the clinic and web site for the patients to make appointments online.

System user manuals

system documentations

Manual calculations also can be performed by the automated functional system inside the readings reporting section.

Patients can access the web site. The web site contains details of some diseases related to the vision problems, medicines stock details, operations, treatments, about the eye, video links to explore more about the eye and
vision problems, spectacles and so on.

Proposed Users of the system

System users
Other users
Main functionalities of the system
Web site and user login interface.
Patient ID will be given by the system.
Different users and different interfaces

Doctors with Doctor ID, administrator (/s) with Administrator ID, receptionist with Receptionist ID, assistants with Assistant ID. These main users’ interfaces will differ from each other due to security and privacy issues.


Facilities corner will provide information about the treatments, checkup that the clinic facilitates.

Medicine stock database will keep descriptions of the medicines and spectacles issued by the clinic.(optional).

Our project supervisor
R.D.P.L. Indrasiri
D.M.U.P.K. Udagedara
(Deputy Leader)
A.M.I.A. Alahakoon
M.N.L. Fernando
K.S.M. Fernando
P.G. Gagana
Dr. Kapila Dias
Q & A
R.D.P.L. Indrasiri
D.M.U.P.K. Udagedara
(Deputy Leader)
A.M.I.A. Alahakoon
K.S.M. Fernando
P.G. Gagana
M.N.L. Fernando
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