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Business Plan for Art Therapy

Paint It All Business Plan

jennifer laewen

on 9 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan for Art Therapy

Paint Through Yor Emotions and Deal with Stress

Art for your Emotions

December 1st 2012 (People interested will have the opportunity to come in and ask questions to the staff, sign up for summer studio time, and learn more about the summer programs). Starting Date: January 1st 2013, creative spirits will be flying and the classes will begin.

Ottawa Art Therapy
Private lesson art teachers as well as other arts teachers
- Facebook (Messy MHAD Hands on Facebook)
- Flyers/Panphlets (Low cost advertisment)
- Sign outside the home
Young Adults and Teens
Middle income
Mood Diorders
- Home on 41 Grafton
St. Charlottetown
- Previously used as a Dental
- Also used as an art gallary
-1265 sqft
- Price - $179 900.00
- Flexible Move in date
of Charlottetown
Bonus Room
Also includes a large open
living room on the main floor
Close to in Rodd Inn Charlottetown, Confederation Center Including the Library & 2 other Inns
Slogan: It's a Beautiful
Mess We'll Make
Micheal's - supports extra curricular art classes.
Messy Hands - supports extra curricular art classes
on a daily basis with no shortage of variety to
fulfill any artistic interests! We focuss all our time on
teaching our students the arts rather than retail.
- Curtland Studio - Offers years of experience and knowledge
- Messy Hands - Offers knowledge and insight on modern arts as well as the classics. Messy Hands is also located in a convenient high traffic area of Charlottetown PE
"Folk Art"
The main floor will be rented as a Bachelor Studio for $800 a month. Full kitchen and bathroom available on the main floor. There is a separate entrance available for the renter.
The Upstairs and "Bonus Room" will be used
to run art classes. Clients will enter through the
front entrance.
Growth of Art Therapy
Art therapy is a recognized form of treatment in health and medicine
Growing field implemented in schools, hospitals, and rehab facilities.
Proven to work in all age groups.
Helps break through social, psychological, and physical issues
(Malachiodi, 2007)
The Need
Business Objectives:
Short Term
Business Objectives:
Long Term
Marketing Description:
Business Objectives:
Short Term:
Long Term:
Business Objectives:
Cash Flows:
Critical Risks:
Growth Strategy:
Consumer Market:
Market Strategy:
Business Advisers:
Government Regulations:
Financial Plan:
Financing Requirements:
Source of Financing:
Collateral for Loans:
Business Collateral:
Personal Collateral:
Target Market:
Personal Selling:
Main risk we foresee involves contact between group participants and teachers

Preventative Measures.
Liability insurance
My target client is...
-between 10 and 80 with a love for art and the passion to learn.
My target audience buys into my service in order to expand their creative mind and further their artistic resume. Students use my service to enhance their abilities within school and their futures in the artistic world. Seniors join my classes to refresh their mind in a relaxing way and fill their day with something new. My prices are reasonable and my classes are small in order to give each student the attention they need. Customers will be drawn to me over the competitors because I provide a wide range of classes available to almost every age and level of difficulty. I also have a good understanding of different forms of art in a central location. My prices are fairly even with my main competitors but the opportunities my clients invest in are endless.
Available in Panphlet*
Art Teacher:
-Plans classes, prepares for classes, teaches classes, cleans up materials after classes.
-Registers new students and is responsible for opening and closing the studio daily. (Full time position)
As the owner and only employee and work full time. MHAD hopes to expand in the future and hiring 2 part time employees who will have the same responsibilities.
Salary: $2 750.00 a month plus deductions
In the next 2-3 years:
- Hire 1 employee
Hiring new staff:
1) Post flyers and post on Facebook
page stating that I am looking for help
2)Accept resumes and hold interviews
3) Check credentials and hire the
best suited person as my new employee

- Banker or Business Loan Adviser ( RBC Royal Bank. Charlottetown PE. 1-800-769-2511)
- Blick.com: will be supplying all art materials used in classes and art desks
- Ikea: will be supplying lighting, rugs, 1 desk & chairs (furniture etc.)
- Future Shop: will be supplying 2 computers, printer ink, & a Xerox printer
- Telus: will be providing phone services
- Internet – Bell
- Wal-Mart: Cleaning Supplies
- $180000 mortgage loan for the building & $20000 personal savings inquiry for start-up costs
Collateral for Morgage Loan: 41 Grafton St Charlotterown PE
Floor Plan:

Competitor Age Ownership Annual Sale Market Share # Of Employees Strengths/Weaknesses
The Arts of
Mary Curtis Over 20 Years Sole Proprietorship N/A N/A 1

Strengths – Teacher has 25 years of experience
Weaknesses- Inconvenient Location.
Not a wide variety of classes offered.

Competitor Age Ownership Annual Sale Market Share # Of Employees

Michael’s N/A Corporation N/A N/A N/A
90 Sandstone Rd
PE C1A 1K1
(902) 566-6677

Weaknesses- Not a wide variety of classes offered & schedule is not consistent.
Changes Depending On Availability of Local Artists Strengths – Central Location is easy access to many. Well known corp.
*No applicable regulations determined by
Canada Business Network*
Rental Agreement
Letter of
That is all...
Location and Demographics:
Target Market:
Competition and Industry Trends:
Organizational Chart:
Business Plan
Shontelle Prokipcak and Elaine Comeau
This 6 week group is designed for teens and young adults who want to explore their creative side and learn to cope with stress in fun and healthy ways.
No experience required!!
6 weeks will include exercises in art and mindfulness
Offers both art instruction and mindfulness instruction
Art mediums include
mosaics, painting, drawing, and seasonal projects.
Lack of art teachers.
Lack of funding for art therapy programs.
Lack of family activities.
Lack of resources at both schools and homes to pursue art.
The Need:
Lack of teachers outside of school.
Lack of funding for art therapy programs.
Young Canadians are suffering from rising levels of anxiety, stress, depression and even suicide
Close to 20 per cent – or one in five – have a mental health issue (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2003).
Many are presenting for counselling and needing healthy stategies for coping with life experiences.
Registration process
6 week program
2 hour classes
Art exercises
DBT exercises
Equal partners
Local Arts Council
Community Centres
Doctors Office
Local Established Networks
Starting Position
Cash In
Cash Out
Cash Position
Starting Position
Cash In
Cash Out
Cash Position
Breakeven Analysis:
Costs 6 week group
Art Supplies-60.00 pp
Program manual-120.00 pp
Artist Fees-1000.00
Therapists Fees1000.00

Sources from personal assets

July -Brochure/ Buisness Plan/Draft program manual
August- Marketing/Registration
September- Classes Start September 15
October- Midway Evaluation
November- Final evaluation
January- 2nd Second 6 week Program

Art Therapy for Young Adults
Colonade, Ottawa
4,300 square feet at $15/sq. ft.
Ottawa residents, 97,000 middle income families in Ottawa
7.9% population growth rate in middle income families (Statistics Canada,2102).
480.00 per person
10 people 4,800
2400 for Elaine
12 hours=200.00 per hour
2400 for Shontelle
12 hours= 200.00 per hour
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