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What are good classroom bahviors?

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Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of What are good classroom bahviors?

By: Mya Sheppard
What are good classroom behaviors?
Do not come to class without your book or anything else you need.
don not get up until the teachers tells you to.
Remain seated at all times unless
otherwise instructed.
always raise your hand before speaking because it could get too loud.
Raise your hand for permission before you do anything.
do not talk about anything else than your assignment.
Off task or not following directions.
Come to class prepared to learn.
Disrespecting me or other students in the classroom.
do not sit on the desk
all four chair legs on the floor
do not disrespect the teacher
disrespecting the teacher could lead to the principles office.
we have chairs for a reason, the desk is not it.
you could fall and end up breaking something.
could lead to you going to the office, and they call your parents.
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