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Jacqueline Priestman

The Electrifying Woman

Ian Bowler

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Jacqueline Priestman

Jacqueline Preistman The Electrifying Woman The Facts: After yelling at her first husband Ron to break his neck, he was in a motor vehicle accident and broke his neck. A month later he died.
Soon afterward a lightbulb in her bathroom exploded.
Her vacuum cleaners kept shorting out and repairmen could find no cause. Theory I: After moving to another house the electrical events continued Theory II : At last, a visiting professor had an idea to help solve her problem Both he and her second husband, Paul, believed she suffered from an excess of static electricity more than 10 times normal for a human body. By sticking to a special diet and daily program which included walking around the house holding onions to discharge electricity. Jacqueline’s problem gradually diminished.
However, in 1985, her fourth child began to exhibit signs of her mothers problem by giving the midwife an electric shock. The television changed channels on its own or the picture distorted. The radio switched channels without being touched too. She also received and delivered severe electrical shocks. Some grocery stores and appliance shops attempted to ban her. After she married her second husband the strange and frightening phenomena continued to occur. After another lightbulb exploded Jacqueline began to believe her house was being haunted by the ghost of her dead husband. This theory is not very believed because many people do not believe in ghosts Our Beliefs - We believe Theory 2, because we do not believe in ghosts.
-We have also read other stories about people with large static buildup
-For example, two twins in England can throw electric bolts
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