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Max (from maximum ride The Angel Experiment)

No description

Jonathan Lombardo

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Max (from maximum ride The Angel Experiment)

What Max is about
Max is a very strong genetic mutant freak. The reason why she is a mutant is she was experimented on for 12 years. The reason she is very strong is because her body was genetically designed to be very strong. The reason I called her a freak is one the experiments that were done on her was her DNA being spliced with avian (avian means bird) DNA.
Max (from maximum ride The Angel Experiment)
Why Max was created
Max was created to be the one to save the world from the psycho's who want to make everyone like Max and her famiy
Things Max Likes
Max likes when Fang and herself meet each other's glance when danger is around. Max also likes when she fights 50% loupine (loupine means wolf) and 50% human beasts called erasers.
Max's family
She has five other birdkids to take care of. The second oldest is Fang Max loves him. The third oldest is Iggy he is blind. The fourth oldest is Nudge she is a motormouth and loves fashion. The fith is Gazzy he has a very bad digestive system. Last but not least Angel she is a telepathic crazy six year old.
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