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2013: 363-0428-00L: Business Aspects of the Internet of Things - Introduction

As part of the lecture "Business Aspects of the Internet of Things" (http://www.im.ethz.ch/education/FS13/iot_lec/) this talk introduces the basic concepts of the Internet of Things.

Florian Michahelles

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of 2013: 363-0428-00L: Business Aspects of the Internet of Things - Introduction

Automatic Techniques up to 8 times faster (NFC vs. Text Entry)
Barcode scanning close to NFC
About linear progression for multiple scans

Pointing on mobile phones is not pointing yet
Mobile diversity and tagging are obstacles
Barcode recognition the next step (?) Findings Realworld Manuel Entry vs. RFID vs. NFC vs. Barcode Mobile Barcode Scanners Product Rating: Stars vs. Text vs. Video Future Kiosk Mobile Augmented Reality Business Aspect of the Internet of Things Dr. Florian Michahelles
Auto-ID Labs
Department for Information Management, Technology and Economics
ETH Zürich

ETH Zurich, February 21, 2013 Hybrid Shopping Lab Study Results 330.000 apps Installation behavior vs. applications ratings 'pulled' reviews from Android market
calculated average rating per app
download category data of 18,740 apps
scaled 'meter' to 1-5 range
divided apps into 9 download categories Results rartings are highly skewed 3 to 5
low rating activity of market
AppAware has more data for 'long tail'

meter rates with installation -> good for new apps
meter still coarse -> measure usage Opportunities more fine measurements
adoption and diffusion of apps
prediction of apps
recommendation service A playful approach of crowsourcing barcode master-data Users share and find mobile apps Barcode Readers Product Identification Review presentation Crowsourcing Product Twitter 25 days online
400 users
1016 products uploaded
1426 product inspections Internet of Things established sphere
of networked information RFID
WSN atomic components
to link the world } } Challenges identification
user - interface The Internet of Things is not a topic by its own
it rather describes trends of technical, business, and societal developments. IoT has been driven (too much?) by supply-chains
Focus on drivers, things, and their users
Sensors are good, people are better
Use the Internet of Things to connect people
Leverage the capabilities of mobiles Internet of Things Internet-oriented thing-oriented "a world-wide network of interconnected objects" uniquely adressable
based on standard communication protocols
multi-purpose Together with industry and GS1
we architect the infrastructure of the Internet of Things Luigi Atzori, Antonio Iera, Giacomo Morabito. The Internet of Things: A survey, Computer Networks 54 (2010) 2787,805. [source: Peter C. Evans, Marco Annunziata: Industrial Internet, GE, Nov 26, 2012.]
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