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Great Horned Owls

No description

shawn prater

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Great Horned Owls

Shawn,Gage,and Dylan Great Horned Owls Table Of contents .Intro
.Where they live
.Their sounds
.Their prey
.Extra Info
.What they look like
.Closing Intro This power point is about the great horned owl. They live every where in the United States. Even South Africa and Canada. We are going to talk to you about where they live, the sounds they make, Their prey, Predators, Extra Info, Measurements, Their Babies, and what they look like. Where the Great Horned Owls live There mostly found in a forest, woodlands, city parks, deserts, and shrub lands. The sounds they make. We found a web site that had owl sounds so you could hear them. Their Prey They catch their prey by gliding slowly off the ground waiting for the perfect time to pounce on it and dig there claws into their prey in till it dies. Their meals are Racoons, Rabbits, Squirrels, small birds, Falcons, And other owls. Predators The only predators they have is other Great Horned Owls. But every once an a while a bird steals their egg.
Owls sleep during the night.
They are awake during the day.
They can fly as fast to 30-40 miles per hour. Measurements Have a wingspan of 36-60 Inches. They are 18-25 inches long. Their eyes are as big as oranges. Their head can turn 270 degrees. The Great Horned Owl... http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Bubo-virginianus-2.mp3 The Great Horned Owls Babies. They lay 2-3 eggs and it takes 4 weeks for the eggs to be hatched. Their babies are cared for 5 months. The first baby to hatch is bigger than the other babies. Because the eggs hatch in sequence. When their born they have gray fur. What they look like. They Have brown feathers. They have yellow eyes. They have big ears ( people call them horns). They have very big claws. Closing BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you liked it Their nose is a beak They are also called Tiger Owls.
They have spectacular binocular vision.
They bite their prey in the face with their talons. Extra Info They have good hearing.
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