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Find the Missing Addends!

No description

Ashley Wagner

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Find the Missing Addends!

Help! Mission Control!
Oh no! We had several ships heading to mars, but it seems that we have lost some on the way! Can you help find the missing ships and save the people headed to mars?
Mission control has located 8 ships so far. They sent a total of 21 into orbit. How many are they missing?
Still working
Good news! We were able to find 9 more of our ships! How many are we looking for now?
Missing People
Find the Missing Astronaunts!
13 ships are still lost!
There are still 4 lost ships.
Now we know how many ships are still lost out there in space. Each ship held 10 people. How many people are we missing?
There are 40 missing people! Let's find them!
We have 40 missing people! Work with the person next to you to figure out how many rescuers we need.
We will send out teams of two to help every person that is lost.
How many people are we sending out?
How many teams of 2?
Rescue Mission
You Did It!
We needed to save 40 people!
By sending out 40 teams of 2, or 80 people total we were able to rescue them all!
Challenge Question
With 21 ships and 10 people per ship, how many people total are there?
Due to the loss, how many ships do these people have to fly back to Earth in?
How many people will be in each ship?

1. 210 people

2. 17 ships left
3. Draw a picture to solve!
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