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Ferdinand Magellan

First voyage around the world

Emma C

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

First Voyage Around The World Finishing The Philippines The Voyage Getting Support Ferinand Magellan was born in Portugal somewhere between 1470-1480. When his parents died he became a page for the queen of Portugal in which he became a solider and had abilities to learning navigation and map making. In late 1517 he married a lady named Beatriz and the next year they had a boy named Rodrigo. When the rest of the crew finished, everybody in Portugal was shocked to see such starved, dirty, and tattered people. Before the ship went to the Philippines,
they went to the Spice Islands. There they got a ship full of cloves and more spices. He started out by sailing west
not east, to the Canary Islands. Magellan asked the King of Portugal three times to support his journey. So he asked the King if he go ask a different King to support him. So he went to King Charles of Spain and in March 1518 the King supported him. He set sail on September 20, 1519 with five ships, 250 sailors, enough supplies to last two years, and items to trade. Magellan's Childhood Ferdinand Magellan His parents were Alda de Mesquita and Rodrigo de Magalhaes. The King said, "No," each time! The King said, "That is fine." It took him a year to get ready. His ships were the San Antonio, Conception, Victoria, Santiago, and the Trinidad. Magellan's Portaguese name is Fernao de Magalhaes. Magellan could only afford cheap ships such as the Victoria. The Portuguese found out that Magellan was trying to claim the spice islands for Spain and set out after him to kill him. From there he knew that Portuguese were trying to get him so he stayed close to the coast of Africa. Sadly, the Portuguese found him and took over three of the five ships, the San Antonio, the Conception, and the Trinidad. They finally reached Rio de Janerio and they rested for two weeks. The Santiago went to look for a strait and got wrecked in a storm. They stopped on the coast of San Julian for five weeks to rest through the cold weather and to repair ships. Finally, on October 21, 1520 they found a strait! They named it Magellan's Strait but, the passage was very narrow, the winds were powerful, and the currents were strong. Next, they had to make the long journey through the Pacific Ocean. Magellan had not told the crew that they were sailing around the world. When his crew members found out they rebelled against Magellan. The Pacific Ocean was longer than Magellan imagined. They had little food to eat and most of the men got scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness your body gets when it doesn't get enough vitamins and you die. Once they reached the Philippines they rested and became such good friends that Magellan decided to get baptized. Lapu, one of the captains, did not want to get baptized and the people in the Philippines attacked. While Magellan tried to protect the crew, he got shot in the leg with a poisoned arrow and half of the cloves got stolen from the ship. Magellan died on April 27, 1521. The Victoria was only ship left and Captain Juan Lopes Carvollo of one of the other ships took over and sailed back to Portugal. Only 18 out of the 250 men finished and the Victoria was the only ship that finished. Magellan's expedition is historical because he proved that the earth is round. This helps modern times because people won't still be worried about the Earth being flat. Magellan Project Work Cited

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