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The Online Chicago Manual of Style

For School of Intercultural Studies' PhD students in the course "Writing and Formatting your SIS Dissertation."

Allison Norton

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Online Chicago Manual of Style

A Simple Introduction to the Online Version Accessing the Online Version http://library.fuller.edu Click on "DATABASES" If prompted, enter your portico username and password Click on "Chicago Manual of Style Online" Nice homepage! Explore Helpful Tools Chicago Style Q&A Additional Tips Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide The quick guide displays common sample citations, including books and article sources as well as dissertations, conference papers, and blogs. Hint: Be sure to choose the parenthetical "Author-Date" documentation system (Chicago Style B). I look forward to memorizing the quick guide in my spare time! Fully Searchable How does one cite a translation of a translation?
What is the difference between a discussion and an interview?
When did the Chicago Manual of Style change from recommending two spaces after a period to a single space?
How do you spell out the sound of a scream? Provides answers to fascinating, obscure questions: Participate in the monthly poll I'm going to submit a question! Like on Facebook

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Interested in the history of the CMS? Trace the manual's beginning back to 1891. http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/about16_history.html http://twitter.com/ChicagoManual https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Chicago-Manual-of-Style/139396659150?fref=ts Part One: The Publishing Process Part Three: Documentation Table of Contents Part One: The Publishing Process
Part Two: Style and Usage
Part Three: Documentation Part One provides a comprehensive overview of manuscript preparation and formatting. The SIS Dissertation Template follows these guidelines, using Microsoft Word styles to simplify the formatting process. Part Two: Style and Usage Part Two provides a detailed guide to grammar, punctuation, spelling, numbers, and foreign language usage. This section provides thorough instruction for proper citation and documentation. Even if you are using the author-date system, also review chapter fourteen (notes and bibliography). Because the systems are similar in many respects, some key information from chapter fourteen is not repeated in chapter fifteen. Hint: The CMS online is fully searchable. Use the search toolbar to quickly find answers to your citation questions. http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org.naomi.fuller.edu:2048/help_search.html Remember to review both documentation sections, especially if you cannot find something you are looking for in the author-date chapter. For example, detailed information on the usage of online sources is only discussed in the notes and bibliography section (chapter 14), even though it is applicable to both documentation systems. However, you can use Chicago Style A (Notes and Bibliography), if required by your mentor. I'm wondering if I need to include the URL in the bibliographic reference for website sources?
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