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General Assessment Guidelines 2013-14

No description

Cui Su

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of General Assessment Guidelines 2013-14

What do your grades mean?
0-49% fail
50-59% Pass/satisfactory
60-69% Merit/Very Good
> 70% Distinction/Excellent
> 80% Publish it!
English writing
Get your friends to read your work
Proofreading not compulsory. Recommended for FMP
We look for clarity and sense, not 'Queen's English'!
'A picture speaks a thousand words'
"Tank Man" photograph goes viral on China's Weibo social network - as published in The Huffington Post. (Brooks, 5 June 2013, p.1)
General Assessment Guidelines 2013-14

What I am going to cover in this session:
What do your grades mean?
What assessment criteria do your markers use?
What is feedback? What do I do with assessment feedback?
What happens if I fail?
Special considerations / extensions
Standard Criteria
1. Knowledge and Understanding (what you have read or researched)
2. Cognitive
(how you use what you have read or researched)
3. Key Transferable Skills
(how you express 1 & 2 in an academic essay)
0-49% Fail
Did not answer the question
Little to no credible references or evidence or examples
English difficult for marker to understand
All description, no analysis at all
Cutting and pasting a lot of quotes - plagiarism!
50-59% Pass
Met the minimum requirements of the assignment
Uses a good range of credible references
Use of specific examples to support or explain your points
Applies the theory discussed in class
Some straightforward analysis
60-69% Merit / Very Good
Essay is organized logically and written using a clear structure
Fluent grammar and expression
Effective application of theory discussed in class with specific contemporary examples and contextual evidence.
Good range of credible references
Detailed and somewhat nuanced analysis
>70% Distinction / Excellent
Writing skills fluent, clear and with some personal flair or style
Shows critical analysis of the topic or issue
Theory is well-integrated into the analysis of your examples or evidence
Wide range of sources and perfect Harvard referencing and citation
Shows intellectual range beyond the requirements of the assignment
>80% Super
Writing is very sophisticated and shows mastery of abstract concepts and complex arguments
Clarity of thought, in-depth and specific
Excellent range of up-to-date examples and relevant references
Covers ideas above and beyond the coursework
Digital submissions: Evernote public notebook
of your essay grade
Show consistent and regular note-taking since Week 1
Informal annotations, notes of lectures, readings including any guest lectures
Markers will look at notes dated until the deadline of the assignment
Images / Visual
Use pictures to enhance and clarify what you are trying to say in your essay.
Pictures are not decorative
Must be clearly labelled e.g. date, (time) author/source
21st Oct 2013, 11am, Tweet from #Foxconn feed.
Your Essay Feedback Sheet
Copying and pasting without reference or citation.
TurnitinUK score describes the % of your essay that is word-for-word match with a source.
TurnitinUK score >30% -> no good
TurnitinUK score = 0% -> also no good (complete fiction!)
More info here: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/isolutions/computing/elearn/blackboard/student/studentplagiarism.html
Is this plagiarism?
What happens if my essay has a high TurnitinUK score?
Cui / Paul will email you to inform you and arrange a meeting to show you evidence of plagiarism
You will respond
Warning of academic integrity issues will go on your student record
Only original parts of your essay will be marked
You may fail your assignment
A guide to academic integrity
What if I fail?
Fail means: your overall module grade (calculated based on BOTH your essays) < 50%
Student office will send you instructions to complete a referral (another assignment)
Details of this referral will only be given to you in June 2014
If you pass the referral, you pass the module.
Deadline for referrals August 2014
What if I fail the referral?
You will repeat the module in the next academic year
You must pass all your modules to obtain your MA / or graduate
How many?
If you fail more than 60 CATS, you will not get a chance to do the referral. You go straight to repeat.
e.g. Design modules are 40 CATS each. Research skills and Option modules are 20 CATS each.
PG module details are available on https://sussed.soton.ac.uk
Continue the rest of your modules as scheduled
What is repeat?
Attending repeat: attends classes with the 2014-15 batch of GMM students
Attending students pay full tuition fees.
Non-attending repeat: completes assignment from overseas using Blackboard. No access to tutors or WSA resources.
Has visa implications
What other options do I have?
Instead of graduating with an MA, you graduate with:
PG Diploma if you have a minimum of 120 CATS
PG Certificate if you have minimum of 60 CATS
Final Major Project
If you fail your FMP, you will be offered a chance to do a referral.
If you fail the referral, there is no chance to repeat the FMP.
Is this plagiarism?
Special Considerations / Extensions
Examples: death of family member, serious illness or accident, nervous breakdown, etc
Inform Cui / Paul BEFORE assignment deadline, if possible
Student office will ask for documentation as proof
Deadlines may be extended
Apply for special considerations using this form
Top Tips
Use sub-headings to signpost your essay
Run a spell check before you hand in
Use evidence and specific examples
Feedback includes emails, face-to-face, written, chats, comments from your friends, tutorials, seminar and workshop discussions.

of feedback is to tell you what was great about your work, how to improve or what went wrong.

What to do with feedback?
Read it. Clarify with tutor if you do not understand. Think. Reflect. Be critical.
Audio Feedback
Need volunteers for audio feedback - see sign up sheet
You will get written feedback as normal but also receive extra audio feedback.
Volunteers need to fill out a short survey after assessment to give their feedback on the audio feedback.
What is audio feedback? Example:
Thinking is a different skill from following instructions - WSA is a school, not the ARMY.
this is the bit that requires independent study
Tutors cannot tell you how to think.
We support by giving feedback and guidance.
Your job is to think through feedback.
Show that you are thinking and questioning what you read
Don't only show that you have read and agreed with lots of references - that's only description.
To pass your essay, you must go beyond description.
Can I copy my own essay that I wrote during my BA?
Third-party Plagiarism a.k.a. Buying your Essay
All Answers
Oxbridge Essays
My Uni Essays
Ivory Research
£50 per hour /
£1400 for FMP
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