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Theories Of Relativity Character Presntations

(Ed & Anne)

Kathryn Faries

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Theories Of Relativity Character Presntations

(Ed & Anne) Character Presentation Name of the Characters:
Ed & Anne Physical Description:
-Gray or white hair
-wrinkly skin

Character Trait 3: Example:
-They knew lots of information about different things. Character Trait 2:
Character's Role In The Story Character's importance
in the story:
- It's Dylan's grandparents.
-They are the only people Dylan thinks that ever cared about him. Character Trait:
Neat/Clean Quote:
- "grandma always kept this place clean."
(pg. 192)
-"... Cleanliness is next to godliness.That was their motto."
(pg.192) Example:
-They always like the
house clean and neat. Quote:
-"the females flashes her butt at the males and they flash back, trying to get a mate."(pg. 104) Funny Example:
- Dylan always tells about his granddad saying jokes and being really funny. Quote:
-"I remember Granddad sniffing the air and then telling grandma the weather.His nose was as accurate as those jokes on television with all their Doppler radar crap."(pg. 102)
Smart Relationship to Dylan:
-They are Dylan's grandparents Important event/action:
1.If they care a lot for Dylan.
Impact:It makes Dylan who he is.
2.They tried a lot to get Dylan.
Impact:It made Dylan what to go see his grandparents.
3.They send a letter to Dylan.
Impact:It made Dylan find where they lived, so he can go see him.
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