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MY God: by Mason Maple

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of MY God: by Mason Maple

MY God: by Mason Maple
Facts about my god
My god's symbol is the lightning and all technology like the iphone and the ipad.
The god of all electric things. Lives with the lightning, and he is the one that sends the lightning during the storms.
My god in early years.
My god's chariot.
Mom: Computer Acropolis
Dad: Zeus
Water: in all of its forms like fog or a river.
Wind: in tornadoes or just a gentle breeze.
Fire: in a forest fire or just a campfire.
Elephantay The god of all animals an living things.
This is what he looks like
My god in action.
Two of my God's friends in human form.
Another picture of Computicus.
My god on the job.
He invented the computer.
This is one of his first computers.
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