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8th Grade Author's Purpose

No description


on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of 8th Grade Author's Purpose

Authors can write to persuade or
their readers to

in something.
Authors write to
inform or
about something.
Many authors
write to entertain people. Their purpose is to connect with the reader through emotions by making them
laugh, cry, feel mad, etc.
Authors write for
main reasons.
When we read, it is important
for us to understand
why the piece was written.
Author's Purpose
Did you know?
Art class should be longer than all other
connection classes. There never seems to be
enough time to get our pictures done. If we
had more time in art class, everyone would
do a better job on his pictures, and we would
learn more. Art is very important, and we
should have the time we need to finish a
What is the author trying to have you
Calligraphy is an interesting form of
handwriting that requires the use of a
special pen. Letters are formed using up
and down strokes. Old documents are
usually written in this form. Diplomas,
certificates, and other awards are written
in calligraphy.
What does the author want you to


If you asked the kids and the teachers at Lincoln Elementary School to make three lists--all the really bad kids, all the really smart kids, and all the really good kids--Nick Allen would not be on any of them. Nick deserved a list all his own, and everyone knew it. Was Nick a troublemaker? Hard to say. One thing's for sure: Nick Allen had plenty of ideas, and he knew what to do with them.
did the author write this?
Real World Examples:
Letters to the Editor
Real World Examples:

Real World Examples:
Ask yourself:

"What is the author's purpose?"
Your turn!
What is the author's purpose?
Try these!
A vacation to Florida is an experience you will never forget, offering sun, fun and beautiful beaches. Book your trip today.

An ABC mattress is the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on. You'll feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. Give the bed a try today.

XYZ dog food is sure to make your dog's tail wag. If you truly love your dog, you'll give this brand a try today.

You don't want to make a mistake on your tax return. Trust the expert accountants at 123 Accounting with your taxes to ensure you get the most money back.
Gum: A Vicious Cycle
Have you ever noticed that someone is always chewing their last stick of gum? For me it has gotten to the point where I’m starting to believe that gum is bought one stick at a time. Be assured that if you ask someone for gum their reply will be, “Sorry, this is my last piece.”

A second phase of this strange phenomena is a sudden and inexplicable excess of gum. Every now and then, for no logical reason that I can understand, I will encounter a person who is freely giving out gum. Beware of the stampede call from these people: “Anyone want some gum?” This question, simply translated, means “I have found the mother load of single sticks. Come! Help me chew them.”

The third and most deadly phase is the need for gum. The symptoms start small and grow without warning. They creep up on the victim with: “Does anyone have some gum?” Soon the victim realizes that no gum is to be had. He disappears from the playground screaming, “I need gum! Please help me!” Years later you find him on a street corner begging. He tugs at your coat, “Please, can I have a stick of gum?” You reply: “Sorry, this is my last piece.
The Boxer's body is compact and powerful. The head is in proportion with the body. The muzzle is short and blunt with a distinct stop. The nose is large and black with very open nostrils. The jaw has an under bite. The eyes are dark brown. The ears are set high, either cropped or kept natural. When cropped they are trained to stand up on the head, tapering to a point. When left natural the ears are thin, falling forward, lying close to the head. The neck should be round, strong and muscular, without a dewlap. The muscular front legs are straight and parallel when viewed from the front. The back legs are well muscled. The tail is set high and usually docked. The AKC severely penalizes a natural tail, while most of Europe has outlawed this practice. Dewclaws are usually removed. The short, smooth, close-fitting coat comes in fawn, brindle, tan, mahogany and black often with white markings. Boxers also come in a white coat that cannot be registered with some clubs.
May 1, 2014 -- Bell Ringer
Why do author's write?

What do we read for?
Answer each question in complete sentences in your journal.
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