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Lauren Lundeen

on 6 November 2009

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Transcript of Addicted?

Addicted? used everywhere Conversation v. PowerPoint PowerPoint has entered our world,
whether we like it or not.
We can make a PowerPoint look however we want.

Not all PowerPoints are interesting.

You can turn anything into a PowerPoint. What kind of power does it have? Here's an example A black and white kitten standing
on a bed wearing a green frog hat. Now, how cute is that? Have I convinced you yet? How about this? You can have any sort of background or templates that
give the audience something to look it. It can give people power, whether they know it or not. Once mastered, you can do anything and create
endless masterpieces. Lectures can become dull... On almost every computer. Naturally we took to it. It's takes presedence over conversation presentations (for the most part). Presentations: Which is better? How cute is that? Way cuter isn't it? See what I mean? Do you see how I can influence your
perspective with PowerPoint? See why people are using it more
now than ever? They don't realize how influenced they are.
Note cards v. Slides Paragraphs v. Bulletpoints Bored v. Intrigued From the heart v. From the text Human contact v. Human display Is the information all there? Do all of these ideas happen? Can a conversation or PowerPoint
do all those five things? Or do we just believe that it is? It's everywhere. Slide themes, colors, layouts, transitions, table styles,
charts, SmartArt graphics, WordArt, shapes, pictures... ...all used to spice up our presentations. Is it enough though? Or can we?? It's a competition we didn't even
know we were experiencing! Many believe PowerPoint can. Its look is what intrigues viewers. How do we make them interesting? They can become boring and bland. ...Information will go in one ear and out the other. But PowerPoint can be difficult to navigate through What can a masterpiece look like? ...Something to engage them. Endless pictures can be your oasis with PowerPoints. PowerPoint has power? no one can escape them keep us informed bullet points dominate can't live/work/learn without them Power over the audience? People may not realized how afftected
they really are by powerpoints.
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