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Extending OSMF with Plugins

RMAUG Presentation about OSMF plugin usage and developement.

John Crosby

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Extending OSMF with Plugins

There is a problem
with media players. OSMF
Media Players
The Solution? CDNs Akami Lime Light Edge Cast Vital Stream Level3 Amazon CDNetworks Internap J Stream Media Melon Streaming Media Hosting Yacast Media Advertising Analytics Omniture Google comScore Convivia Anvato THEY
Custom Implementations! Client Needs
& Changes OSMF Plugins! FreeWheel Tremor Media Videoplaza Google Quantcast Tubemogul Existing Plugins Advertising Analytics and QOS Content Delivery Using Plugins MediaFactory (DefaultMediaFactory) pluginLoad & pluginLoadError events Create a resource (MediaResourceBase) to load the plugin
static - PluginInfoResource
dynamic - URLResource Call the loadPlugin() on the MediaFactory passing in the resource Samples Building OSMF Plugins Tells the media player:
What types of Elements the plugin can handle
How to create MediaElements The initializePlugin() method is called once the plugin has been successfully loaded This is where you can pass in data to the plugin via Metadata Types of Plugins: Standard or MediaElement plug-in Proxy plugin There are 2 sub-types of the standard plugin
Custom MediaElement plug-in
Built-in MediaElement plugin Allows the developer to non-invasively alter the behavior of the created MediaElements You can also adjust the MediaElement that is returned to the player - Provide a ParallelElement with children. Provides the description of what types of media the plug-in can handle as well as how to create the MediaElement Questions? What is a OSMF Plug-in? PluginInfo MediaFactoryItem Sample Plugin Reference Plugin Depends on having a reference to the MediaElements created by the MediaFactory. Provide the mediaElementCreationNotificationFunction() to create a reference plug-in john@realeyes.com
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