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No description

RubabA Abid

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Snapchat


Released in September 2011

Photo messaging mobile application

Developed by Stanford University students as a project

Users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings and send them to a controlled list of recipients

These photos and videos appear to the recipient at a controlled amount of time and then disappear forever
100 million monthly active users (8/26/14)

70% of users are women

71% of users are under the age of 25

13 is the minimum age required to use Snapchat

18 is the median Snapchat user age

Over 400 million snaps per day - majority are selfies
Self-destructing media

Media is not tracked or owned

Exclusivity and privacy

Uniqueness and Popularity

Snapchat turned down a $3 billion dollar acquisition offer from Facebook and later a $4 billion offer from Google

Facebook is having a difficult time retaining younger users who are flocking to Snapchat
Marketers have 100% of the user’s attention; no distractions

Appeals to very specific demographic

Snaps are exciting and can create a call to action

Share content with trusted family and friends

Notified when another user has taken screenshot

Room for creativity and drawing

Snapchat Discovery provides a good way to stay up-to-date with headlines and trends
Temporary impact on users

Controversies related to sexting, offensive comments or abuse of others without evidence or record

Creates illusion that personal content can disappear; not actually true, can take screenshots

No ability to “like” and share with friends and followers

Perception that the app is gimmicky and useless
Build a feature that allows people to interact more

Provide behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peeks before product launch

Connect users with insider info exclusively available on app

Collaborate with other social media platforms

Kik Messenger -
allows for more conversation, users can share images, sketches or links

Privacy issues with third-party apps

Common hacks can be found online, allow users to save a photo without the sender knowing

Parenting publications regularly discuss the dangers of Snapchat; app should appear more family friendly
Uniqueness of Snapchat
Snapchat now known as THE app to share private moments, humourous and lighthearted content

Appeals to a younger demographic and their close friends only;

Screenshot notification is unique to Snapchat only

Can be a great tool when it comes to engaging audience

Unique access to younger audiences compared social networks like Facebook or Twitter

Create stories that are visually and audibly engaging - leave them wanting more
How to use Snapchat
How are brands using Snapchat?
Way to keep followers updated and informed on the organizations’ projects by “Live Snapping” events

NBA kept fans up to date on the MVP announcement of Kevin Durant

Engaging visuals and frequent updates make followers feel involved in a way that Twitter or Instagram cannot
Popular Snapchatter hired to represent brands like Disney and Taco Bell

Sent out a snap to followers requesting that they send him Snaps of themselves made to look like dinosaurs. He would screencap and resnap his favourite

Got followers engaged and interested

Able to draw interest from people who otherwise might not have noticed him
It is reported that 58% of college students would likely purchase a product from a brand if they were sent a Snapchat coupon

Snapchat’s ‘cool’ factor, sense of exclusivity

Frozen yogurt brand 16 Handles held promotion where users could receive a coupon if they sent a Snap of themselves at a 16 Handles location. The company would then Snap them a coupon to be used at checkout.

Must be used carefully
New way for companies to share content using the app

Offers a way around Snapchat’s 10 second limit

Discover feature added in January

Currently has 12 brands using application

Snapchat has not yet said whether they will open feature to more companies

Snapchat Discover
How Discover Works
Discover Snaps can be viewed over and over again for a 24 hour period

Users interested in specific content or story can swipe the screen upward to find full story on company's website

Companies must make sure their content is engaging but also somewhat vague, in order to entice users to read more
Discover CNN
Fun Facts
Shaun McBride
Adding Friends

Photos/videos “snaps” - sending and receiving



Our Story




Best Friends
Brands using Snapchat effectively
Relatively new platform, popular among teens and millennials

Challenging brands to engage with users

Companies unsure how to harness its power
200,000 Snapchat followers

90 per cent of followers actively engage with brand
“People are obsessed with Beefy Crunch Burrito so Snapchat seemed like the right platform to make the announcement. Sharing that story on Snapchat is a fun way to connect with the fans that we are thrilled to have. It’s all about treating them like personal friends and not consumers.”

Tressie Lieberman, Taco Bell director of social and digital
Eva Otlewski
Sarah Sartaj
Erin McCallum
Rubab Abid
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