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Manav Nayeni

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Disabilities

People with Disabilities Are Not Getting Enough Attention:
They Are Treated Unequally
How People With Disabilities Are Abused
People with disabilities can be harassed physically or emotionally

Theses people are treated as "not fit or not able" which relates to the term "ableism"

Many children and adults, especially in foreign countries, are mistreated or even abandoned because of the burden they leave on their families

According to the DRI ( Disability Rights International) many people with disabilities in Georgia, are often discriminated because
Disabilities is a serious issue that is often ignored by many people, however, we can raise awareness, using many different methods such as creating a council, in order to help support disabled people, so their success is not limited.
What is a disability?

"Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person's lifetime." - World Health Organization

Also Known As:
Types of Disabilities
There are many many people with one and/or the other type: Physical and Intellectual

A physical disability is when a person is impaired physically throughout their body and has problems with motor functions.

An intellectual disability is a disability where a person suffers a cognitive deficit (mentally challenged)
The disabled are treated unequally and with disrespect because of how they look and/or act. Handicapped people's rights are often violated as the impaired are frequently judged as unworthy of having those rights. There are...

A lack of ramps and elevators sets out barriers for people with physical disabilities (i.e. wheelchairs)

Older people with disabilities are often victims of DISABILITY BIAS - low chance of getting a job which may lead to depression and eventually financial trouble in their lives
Our Solution
In order to raise awareness for people with disabilities, we will create a council (as a club) that will organize assemblies and other events that will spread awareness about people with disabilities.

The Council Would:
Educate students about disabilities through assemblies

Organize volunteering opportunities: help out those in need of assistance

Host charity events around the community to spread awareness

Hold workshops to help disabled kids raise their self esteem and self confidence

Brainstorm ideas to help the community
Real Life Example - Alberta
Why We Chose This Method
We chose to use the council to raise awareness because...

Can be easily organized by schools across Canada

Teaches today's youth (tomorrow's future) about disabilities for

Open to anyone in the community

Ongoing - constantly helping people

Members of the Council have insight on different types of disabilities

Teaches children and even adults not to physically or verbally harass disabled people, but to provide support instead
There was a major incident regarding the abuse of intellectually-disabled people in an institution in Alberta
Over the course of 2 years, there was a recorded 39 incidents of abuse
Abuse ranged from verbal language to attacks to even in extreme cases, burns


Process Used To Create The Council
In order to create the School Council (in the form of a club):

Select a dedicated Head of the council

Send out applications for Executive members

Promote the council to the school

Hold meetings once a week at the school to discuss future projects and events

Hold Conferences and Assemblies


Volunteering Opportunities to help disabled people

There are many organizations in Canada that support different disabilities

Legislation's in Canada which help rule out abuse against disabled
Possible Solutions
Intended Outcome
The intended outcome of the proposed solution is a better future:

People will be more open-minded and respectful of disabled people

Society will care more for disabled individuals

'Ableism' in society will decrease

Disabled individuals will no longer be ignored and secluded
Jake's Story
Jake is a well educated disabled person
He has a hard time getting a job because of his disability
However now, Jake decides to take a stand:
How People With Disabilities Are Mistreated
People with disabilities are often ignored in society

People with disabilities can also be harassed physically or emotionally

These people are treated as "not for or not able" which relates to the term "ableism"

Many children and adults, especially in foreign countries, are mistreated or even abandoned because of the burden they leave on their families

According to the DRI (Disability Rights International) many people with disabilities are frequently discriminated simply because of society's ignorance and the burden of disabled people
Being Handicapped
Being Physically or
Mentally Challenged
In the current world today, more than
1,050,000,000 people have disabilities
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