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No description

Ashveni Agnkaran

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Psychiatrist

after obtaining medical degree, practice as psychiatric resident
trained in diagnosis, psychopharmacology, mental health treatment and other aspects of medical care
training requires 5 yrs. of study
1 yr of basic clinical training, which includes broadly based medical experience relevant to psychiatry
2 yrs of junior residency, covering basic training with focus on the role of the psychiatrist
2 yrs of senior residency, gaining more leadership in education and supervision of junior colleagues
Medical School
17 medical schools in Canada, 6 in Ontario
MCAT is required to be taken before entering
takes 4 yrs to obtain M.D. , medical degree
physician who specializes in psychiatry, a medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders
prescribe psychiatric medications, conduct physical examinations, order and interpret laboratory tests
What is a Psychiatrist?
good perception, judge how another is reacting and why he is reacting in that manner
compassionate, understand problems of patient
stress tolerant, handle stress of working with distressed patients
Requirements of Becoming a Psychiatrist
BSc, Bachelor of Science degree, at university
MCAT (medical school exam)
M.D., medical degree, at medical school
practice as psychiatric resident
Becoming a Certified Psychiatrist
after residency, pass examination to fulfill requirements set by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
obtain Certificate of Registration from College of Physicians and Surgeons to practice psychiatry
psychiatry department offered at:
- McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
- University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
- Queen's University
Kingston University
Costs of Post-Secondary Training
depends on university of choice
McMaster University:
minimum of $17,282.40 per yr, including living expenses, for Life Sciences program
tuition: $6,612.40
books & supplies: $1,215.00
meal plan (regular): $3,135.00
housing (bunk & loft triple room): $4,320.00
personal expenses: $1,000.00
entertainment costs: $1,000.00
Work Environment
general/specialized psychiatric hospitals, community clinics, nursing homes, educational institutions, and so on
of all psychiatrists employed in Canada: - 25% work in educational institutions - 40% considered self employed - 20% work directly in health care settings (hopitals, clinics, etc.,)
Thank you
for listening
low paid psychiatrist earns less than $59,000 per year
high paid psychiatrist earns over $137,000 per year
median hourly salary: - low: $32.29 - median: $61.19 - high: $78.30
median annual salary: - low: $56,525.95 - median: $107,086.81 - high: $137,027.27

Undergraduate Degree
BSc, Bachelor of Science degree, required
requires high school science courses, biology, chemistry, physics, and a few math courses, depending on university
not necessary to complete the 4yr program, before applying for medical school
certain core courses, biology, biochemistry, physics and chemistry, must be successfully completed before taking the MCAT
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