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IC Training

No description

Dave Crowder

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of IC Training

Log In to IC
[Grades] - [Settings] - start with [Grade Calc. Options]
Second, [Categories]: PP, Formative, Summative
Third & Finally, [Assignments]
- [assignment copier] & [category copier] After you set up your first class of a section, copy to the rest!
- [filter defaults] you can have your gradebook show only passing, failing, a single assignment, category, individual student -
good for those meetings with parents
, or by due date. Then, back to default with [clear filter]
[Student Groups]
This is another
tool - for assigning a group grade to a group of students, or a to a group for accommodations to assign modified grades. Or, a class within a class.
Schedules & Data
In both [Roster] & [Gradebook]
click on the student's name - links to personal contact info. [to student information] links to that student's schedule. click on top schedule tab, Then select the little paper icon (bottom right) of any class and you will see what that student/parent sees in their portal!
[campus community]
Instructions for signing up!
The Google Doc Which will be your main go-to sheet!
This Google Doc is also found as a district message in the message center of your log-in screen.
Ask if you need help!
[Message Center]
Send messages to whole class, or specific students (their parents and/or those students with e-mail on file). Select by grades or missing assignments. [save as] will make a template for later use!
Working with Infinite Campus
background song:
Blah Blah Blah,
by Dafnis Prieto
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