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The Transcontinental Railroad

Westward Expansion: Strand 5-2.2§2

Technology Tym

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of The Transcontinental Railroad

Impacted the development of the West

Attracting new immigrants & settlers

Railroad companies sold thousands of acres of land to settlers along tracks to fund the building of the Railroad

This fostered TRADE and ECONOMIC Growth! How?
Railroad tracks that connect the WEST to the EAST.
That's RIGHT! The transportation of the agricultural products from the WEST and the Farmers to markets.

Agricultural Products:
"Cash Crops" - Corn & Wheat
Cattle and Hogs

Major Industries Developed: Flour milling and meat processing.

What is it?
Environmental Impact
Tunnels dug through mountains
Coal burning engines, needed more fuel, so more mining
Industry developed
- Factory Smoke
- Processing Plant Waste
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