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Inferno Contrapasso And Organization of Hell

Contrapasso is the situational irony between the sin and the punishment given to the sinner. (This was stated during the presentation and not put on the prezi).

Nicole Y.

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Inferno Contrapasso And Organization of Hell

Contrapasso & Organization of Hell

Mackenzie Lee, Nicole Yu, Caitlyn Stallard
Reserved for sins of uncontrolled passion, emotion, or desire.
Incontinence Sins
These sins only harm the sinner
Exclude the Vestibule and Circle 1: Limbo
Upper Hell
Vestibule: Neutrality
Place for souls who never took a side against God or Satan
Punished by stinging insects, maggots and chasing a banner
Circle 1: Limbo
Rest place for:
People born before Christ
Unbaptized children
Punishment: No Hope, Fog
Insects decompose the soul
Souls are decomposing while alive
Banner represents choosing a side
Live with the truth that they can never go to Heaven
Committed no sin, so punishment doesn't really exist
Fog represents uncertainty that was over their lives when they were alive
Circle 2: Lust
One of the seven deadly sins
Individuals who fall prey to sexual wants or feelings
"Carnal sinners who subordinate reason to desire" (Inf 5.38-9)
“The line separating lust from love is crossed when one acts on this misguided desire.”
Shows more of a sympathy towards those who fall prey to lust due to his own
creative interpretation of it & personal struggle

Blown forever by storm winds
This symbolizes the power of lust to blow one about needlessly and aimlessly.
Reflects preventing them to find peace and rest
Darkness is the time that sexual feelings take hold

Circle 3: Gluttony
One of the 7 Capital Sins
Excessive Indulgence
Viewed as one of the least serious sins with lust
Eve “ate” the apple and “tempted” Adam to do so as well (Genesis 3:6)
Wallow in filth as freezing, putrid rain hails down upon
Those who try to escape are mauled by a 3 headed dog
Reflects wasteful consumption
Prevents a sense of comfort
Three throats of Cerberus are similar to the gluttons
Circle 4: Avarice
Those whose lives were consumed by greed
Placing a love of money over God
One of the 7 deadly sins
Money takes over identity
"Leads to other sins"
Taking financial advantage of others
Becoming temperamental
Looking down on the poor
Punished along with prodigal(reckless spenders)
Divided into 2 groups and crash in the middle pushing their giants weights and turn around into the opposite direction
In same ring as prodigal(opposite end), walking in circle evening out what the other has done

Greed is an endless circle that people get stuck in
Weights symbolize the burden of material wealth
Circle 5: Wrath & Sullen
2 forms of anger
Anger that is repressed and anger that is expressed.
The medieval idea that anger takes many form
On the river Styx
Forms the boundary before Dis
The angry thrash about in frustration and fight each other
The sullen sulk under water sighing, blowing bubbles, and refusing all action

Reflects their attitude on Earth
The wrathful fight everyone, even attacking themselves
The sullens are passive aggressive and have no action

Lower Hell
Sins that required intellectual thinking and personal choice
These sins have harmed or affected others
Walled City of Dis
Circle 6: Heresy
Circle for those who went against God and denied the soul’s immortality
First circle of upper hell
No physical harm
Not fraud
Trapped in burning tombs

Fire is a symbol of God’s love
Psychologically torture the soul
Truly embrace and realize death
Circle 7: Violence
Circle 8: Fraud
Circle for those who have committed “simple” fraud
Consists of 10 sub circles
People who committed violence against others or their surroundings
3 Subcircles:
Violent against strangers
Violent against self
Violent against nature/God/art
Circle for those committed fraudulent acts against the special bonds of love and trust
4 Zones
Antenora-named after Antenor
Ptolomea-named after Ptolemy
and/or Ptolemy XII

Heads bent to show shame
Frozen bodies show lack of soul
Sinners continue their treachery
Sinners are frozen in ice up to the neck with heads bent forward
Traitors who sacrificed for personal gain

New tears freeze sinners’ eyes shut
Demons possess the living body
Frozen away from God
Satan chews on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius
Satan’s wings chill the 9th circle
3 Heads and 3 Wings symbolize impotence, ignorance and hatred
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Against Strangers
Murders - In a river of boiling blood;
deeper submerged by the more people they killed

Forever stuck in the people that they murdered’s blood
Forever submerged by their sin
Against Self
Souls are trapped inside of trees:
bodies impaled somewhere nearby
Blasphemers (violent against God) - Lie down on the hot sand with fiery flakes falling on them
Sodomites (violent against nature) - Also have fire rain falling on them but they are wandering
Usurers (violent against art) - The usurers sit on the sand with fiery flakes falling on them
Trapped inside themselves with no way to escape
Against God/Nature/Art
No possible way for them to escape from
the burning sensation
Circle 9: Treachery
Traitors against Benefactors
Completely buried in ice except for 3 sinners
Residence of Satan
Bottom of Hell; worst sinners

Traitors to Country or Party
Caina-named after Cain
Traitors of Kin
Traitors against Guests
Frozen in ice lying on their backs with face up and eyes shut
Traitors who were pitiless and tearless
Sinners immediately go to hell once the sin has been committed
Judecca-named after Juda
Bolgia 1: Seducers
Lets Play Charades!
Forced to walk in a circle whilst
being whipped by devils
Goaded others to serve their needs,
now they are on the devils whims.
You must act out the sin of the circle of Hell that we give you. Don't tell anyone and I hope you took good notes! Have fun and good luck!
Bolgia 2: Flatterers
Bolgia 10: Falsifiers
Sunk into excrement and all of their
words become that.
Turned upside down in a hole filled with
oil with only their feet burning.
Bolgia 9: Sowers of Discord
Head turned backwards
Bolgia 8: Decievers
Covered in boiling pitch,
attacked by demons
Bolgia 7: Thieves
Bolgia 6: Hypocrites
Wear lead mantles

Half are snakes, while the other half are human.
Can only become human by biting human half

Bolgia 5: Grafter

True nature concealed by flames which resemble tongues.

Bolgia 4: Soothsayers

Wounds and Mutilation.

Bolgia 3: Simonists
Gain illness from disease they treated.

Excrement symbolizes the false flattery that they said.

Mockery of baptism.

Tried to see forward but now they can only see backwards.

Sticky pitch is symbolic of their sticky fingers.

Must walk around wearing a false mask.

Must steal to return to life.

Gave false counsel, now they must burn by the tongue that they used.

Their body repays the discord and schisms they created.

Since they have the illness now, it makes what they
said on Earth truth.
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