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Peyton D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

Antarctica Animals The most common animal in Antarctica
is the Peguin,the peguin is a bird but doesnt fly they practically swim under water.
The peguins main preditor is the lepord seal.There are many types of penguins in Antarctica like..
Sourthern Rockhopper

This is a food chain of all the animals in the Antarctic, and at the top of the food chain is the killer whale which has no preditor,and the plankton at
the bottom . Global Warming!!!
Global Warming is real and its happening more quickly in some parts of the world the others,like in the Antarctica Penisula.It has raised its tempreture in the past 50 years ,
by 3 degrees celsius . This is about ten times faster than the world.

The killer whale is
the lepord seals
biggest preditor.
They are also at
the top of the
food chain,which means
they have no preditor.The Killer Whales diet is based on
Fish,young baby eggs and Krill.
The killer whale has
a fin like a dolfin lets stop this think about the animals Everything in the antarctic
eats krill.The krill is almost
last on the food chain,but they
do eat something called PhytoPlankton
which is the very last animal in the
antarctic food chain.

Water Transport
Antarcticas only water transport
station is at Mcmurdo station
Land Transport-
Skis,Snow shoes,Tracked vehicles
like snow mobiles,Bulldozers and
Dog sledges.
Air Transport-
Airplanes and Helicopters.

Explorers Robert Falcon Scott
Roald Amundsen
Frank Wild
Eric Marshell
Ernest Shackleton
Frank Hurley
Edmund Hillary
James cook
John Davis
Mikhail Lacarev
Faddey Bellingshawson
Carl Anton Larson
Marinus Tyre Scott and his team Roald Amundsen By All these explorers went to
Antarctica , but lots of those
men died. Antarctic Fish

There are many fish found in
Antarctic waters,such as Antarctic cod,
Ice fish,Crocodile fish,Dragon fish,robber fish,
Rat-tailed fish,Hagfish and Skates. Bibliography
PREZI !!! (www.prezi.com)
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