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The Future of Medical Tourism Marketing

Marketing to Win – Patrick Goodness, CEO – The Goodness Company

The Goodness Company

on 25 October 2011

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Transcript of The Future of Medical Tourism Marketing

The Future
Patrick Goodness, CEO
The Goodness Company:
Medical Tourism Marketing
of Medical Tourism Marketing
TOP 10 Rules of Web Site Marketing
The Power of Public Relations to Grow Your Market Perception
Social Media Marketing That Drives Results
Video Marketing to Beat Your Competition
The American Medical Tourism Market.
2009-2010: Approximately 500,000 Americans traveled abroad for health care services.
In 2014, 1.5 million Americans will travel for medical care.
Currently estimated at $40-$60 Billion, the medical tourism industry is expected to reach $130 billion in 2017.
In Canada alone an estimated 875,000 people are waiting for surgery or some other procedure. Approximately 300,000 will travel abroad for some form of healthcare procedure.

Today’s aging population is driven by affluent, computer savvy “baby boomers” who will travel any distance to access healthcare that will MAXIMIZE their quality of life!
Growth of Medical Tourism from US Consumers.

Trends to Drive Increased Medical Tourism:
Large Numbers of Uninsured Americans
Dramatic changes in American healthcare
Baby Boomers - The largest demographic segment in human history.
The Key to Growth is Education

People cannot choose what they do not know or understand.
Educate Potential Customers about the Freedom, Affordability and Quality of International Healthcare Services.

Education Allows Us to Transform Tens and Hundreds of Millions of North Americans into Potential Medical Tourism Customers.

Failure to Plan= Planning to Fail
Successful Internet Marketing Requires:
1. Marketing Plan
2. Clear Goals
3. Realistic Expectation of Results
Top 10 Rules
of Medical Tourism
Web Site Marketing
1. No Web Site = You Don’t Exist
Web Site =
Most Important Marketing Tool for Medical Tourism
2. Proper English Translation is
3. Well-Designed:
With Strong Branding and Purpose
You Need To Know Who You Are…
Before You Can Communicate
with Potential Customers.

Don’t: Hire Your Sister’s,
Husband’s, Nephew’s, Cousin’s son
to do this important work!

Do: Hire marketing professionals to develop a web site that is well positioned, properly designed, with proper grammar and built to generate sales.

4. Keep It Simple /
Easy to Use & Understand

Americans are generally patient people,
but they are very impatient online.
Tips for an easy to use site:
Good Photos – Minimal Copy
Easy to Navigate
2-3 Clicks Rule
No Dead Links
Good English Grammar
5. Your Web Site Must Include:

What You Do.
Why You Are Better (Differentiation)
Why and How They Can Contact you QUICKLY!
6. Ask for the Sale

Americans appreciate a direct, but not pushy approach to business.
You want their business. Tell them.
Differentiate why you are better for them.
Respond quickly.

7. Focus on SEO
& Key Words
American customers use certain words and phrases to search for products and services.
The more you know about using these words and phrases, the greater your chances of them finding your web site.
Don’t use BIG WORDS or Technical Phrases.

Use words that Americans would use.
Prosthodontics = Dental Implants
Endodontics = Root Canals
Abdominoplasty = Tummy Tuck
Rhytidectomy = Facelift
SEO Guidelines:

Good search engine rankings take time, patience and money.
Be reasonable with your expectations.
Don’t rely on search engines alone! Use PPC & PR!
8. Invest in Web Site Content Marketing:
It’s All About Credibility
Provide Credible, Well-Written Online Content.
Quality Content Helps Build Familiarity & Trust-Based Relationships
Good Content = Confidence = New Customers.
9. Keep it Fresh!
How to Keep Your Site Fresh:
Facebook Feeds: Must Update
News Feed: Include Important News for Your Readers
Blogs: Keep it Interesting
Testimonials: Ask for Them and Add Them to Your Site Regularly

Do not try to fool the search engines with tricks for faster, higher rankings.

They will find out…
and you will lose your ranking!
The Power of Public Relations Marketing
Word of mouth referrals =
Top source for new
business development
Nothing drives word of mouth referrals more than positive public relations.

Customer testimonials on your website
Positive comments on your Facebook page
Well-written press releases distributed to local, national and international media vehicles.
“There is always
a story to tell.”
Good PR is about Great Content that Makes a Connection with the Reader.
How to Get Noticed:
Old Way: Buy Ads
Don’t Talk About Products & Services.
Talk About How YOU Will Solve Their Problems.
Be Passionate
Be Enthusiastic.
Have Fun!

People Do Business With
People They Like.

The One Million Dollar
Online PR Tip…
100% Free Because I Like You.
Get Your Pen & Paper Ready…

Write down the words and phrases that people will use to search for businesses like yours.

Write online content filled with those words and phrases.

Publish this content on your website or post it to
PR sites.

Search Engines will reward you with Higher Rankings.
Traditional PR Success Tips:
How to Get Your Press Release or Article Published:
Editors are People: Get To Know Them
Send Gifts. Remember Special Days.
They Will Remember You and Your Business.
Writers and editors are busier than ever trying to
fill papers and magazines with interesting content
with fewer resources than ever. They need help.

Help them!

Provide Good Quality Articles.

Become a Trusted, Reliable Source and Your
Business will Benefit.

Consistent, well-written, persuasive public relations will deliver more results, for less than paid advertising.

Hire a Professional Public Relations Firm = Best Investment Your Company Will Make
Interesting Internet Facts:

75% of Internet users will conduct health research online.
88% of All Professionals Conduct Research Online Prior to Purchase.
The Internet is now the dominant global advertising media vehicle.
75% of Internet users with a chronic health condition reported that “online research” influenced their treatment decision.
In the US, time spent online represents 33% of all media consumption…greater than television, radio and print!

Social Media Marketing
That Drives Results
Social Media Marketing: Statistics
85% of 30-50 year olds are active social media users
51% of 65-75 year olds are active social media users
60% of Facebook fans & 79% of Twitter followers are likely to recommend brands they support via social media.
51% of Facebook fans & 67% of Twitter followers are likely to buy from the companies they support via social media.

Social Media Marketing =
Traditional Networking on Steroids

Create Strong Network of Fans & Followers
Demonstrate clear value for followers & fans to support your business.
Offer valuable information and clear benefits for their support
Be Constant and Consistent in Your Communications
Be Responsive – Share Information –Don’t Be Self-Serving
Keep it Interesting.
Or Keep it To Yourself!
Social Media is NOT
about SELLING!

Social Media is about
Becoming a part of a Community.
The Goal of Social Media is to:
Get Noticed…
Be Perceived As Credible…
Drive People to Your Web Site to Learn More.
#1 Social Media Site:

If Facebook were a country,
its approximately 1 Billion
inhabitants would make it the
third most populous country
in the world!
Top 4 Social Media Sites

Facebook: (What’s Happening Today/This Week.) Almost 1 Billion People Served!
Twitter (What’s Happening Right Now)
LinkedIn (Professional Networking)
YouTube: (Engage & Entertain)
Top Social Media Sites for Medical Tourism:

LinkedIn (Many Medical Tourism Groups)
Make an Impact:
Customize Your Social Media
The Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Tip:

Time Your Posts to Reach More Users
Posting content outside of business hours increases user engagement by 20% over posting only during the work day.
Facebook use peaks at three points each day: 7am EST, 5pm EST, and 11pm EST.
To reach more people, post before people go to work, after they get off work, and just before bed time.
Please send your bank check for $1 Million to:

Patrick Goodness
The Goodness Company
820 Baker Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI. 54494
No Personal Checks Please.
Online Video Marketing to Beat Your Competition:
Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2015.
Invest in Video Brochures,
Video Newsletters,
Video Communications and…
Beat Your Competition.
Quality is Critical for Healthcare Video Marketing.

This is Your Chance to Show Customers Who You Are & Why They Need to Trust You!
Don’t Talk Only About
Services and Quality.

Communicate Benefits.
People want solutions.

Give them a solution.
They will give you their business.
Generate Interest and Convey Credibility

1. Use Testimonials
2. Show Satisfied, Happy Patients
3. Be Real

Include Information about TOURISM…
The Forgotten Half of Medical Tourism
Information and Tips about the Destination:

Things to Do
Show attractive people (not models) having fun and
enjoying the experience.

For some, this is more than just
a visit to the doctor.
This is a Medical Vacation!
Get them thinking
about a Vacation…
and you will close the sale.
Unless you are selling only to men…
make sure your video is sensitive
and speaks to the needs
and concerns of women:

Hand Holding…Show You Care
Keep Your Video Short and Focused: 3-5 Minutes
The goal of video is to give potential customers a glimpse into your business…
to create familiarity and confidence through
a personal connection.
Check out The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing Video
Video marketing is the future of medical tourism marketing.

Lead this trend…
and you will lead the market.
How to follow up on marketing leads?

Brochures? Emails? Direct Mail? Personal Phone Calls?

US Local Line or Toll Free Line: Make It Easy to Communicate!

English Speaking Representative:
Commitment to Earning North American Business
Are You Ready to Laugh?

Web Site Marketing, Public Relations,
Social Media Marketing & Video Marketing

Welcome to The Future of Medical Tourism Marketing
This is when you applaud and
scream my name loudly.
Standing is Optional.
Thank you for coming!
Have a Great Time in Chicago!
The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing
Marketing, Web Development, Public Relations, Social Media Management

US: 715-254-0711 & 312-205-6424
Costa Rica: 506-2588-0013
Before you can effectively reach
the North American market,
you need to understand it.
Who is your target customer?
What is important to them?
What do they truly need?
What do they need to understand about your business
to help them say “YES”?
Women make
more than 80%
of all healthcare
decisions for
their family.
While the man may be
the head of the family…
Your marketing must speak to women…

or your message will be lost.
the woman is the neck.
New Way:
Publish Great Content Online
(Whistling is also acceptable.)
Million Dollar Tip:
Social Media Tips:
What Are You Thinking About?
Facebook Posting Hints:
The Rule of Thirds:
1/3 Business
1/3 Informational
1/3 Personal/Professional
Patrick Goodness, CEO
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