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Envisioning a New Writing Center by Looking Through the Eyes

No description

Kayla Hearl

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Envisioning a New Writing Center by Looking Through the Eyes

Envisioning a New Writing Center: Looking Through the Eyes of Special Needs Clients
How did our center reach out to these programs?

What our tutors do for these programs

Department Liaisons
Treating the Student as an Equal
Client needs


Comfortable environment
How To Implement Outreach in Your Writing Center
How can you connect to different programs in your school?

Discuss in small groups and share

Have you ever
tutored a student
with disabilities or a
resistant client?
Alternative Learning Styles
Types of Learning Styles

Group Activity
Constant Time Delay
Studio C
Special Ed

discuss in small groups

1-2 sentences share what your group discussed
Professional Testimonies
Closing Remarks
Questions for us?

Mr. Wojcik : Special Education Director
How to Identify Characteristics
Least Restrictive Environment
504 plan
Example Video
What is CTD?

How to use CTD
What are the benefits of having tutors in the class?
What can tutors do to improve their helpfulness?
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