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The Westing Games

No description

Kyle Gnatovic

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of The Westing Games

Jake Wexler
Grace Windsor
Angela Wexler
James Shin Hoo
Sun Lin Hoo
Doug Hoo
George Theodorakis
Theo Theodorakis
Chris Theodorakis
Otis Amber
Berthe Erica Crow
JJ Ford
Flora Baumbach
Denton Deere
Sydelle Pulaski
Sam Westing has just died. But in his will, he wants to play one last game. He pairs up the sixteen heirs. Their goal is to find out who murdered Sam Westing. The pairs clues were delivered by a mailman named, Barney Northup. All of the pairs start playing dirty to try to get the other teams' clues. One of the heirs, Turtle, ends up getting all of the clues. What did the clues say? Who murdered Sam Westing?
Sam Westing has just been murdered, and one of your neighbors is the murderer. Would you mind your own business or turn them in?
1. What were some subplots?
Some subplots were that bombs kept exploding in the apartment complex where they all lived. The bombs weren't meant to kill anyone, just to scare them.

2. What surprised you at the end?
I was surprised when you finally figure out what the clues say, and who murdered him.
I would recommend this book to students in eighth to tenth grade because the plot and characters are kind of hard to follow. Also to students who like an intense mystery novel.
The Westing Games
By: Ellen Raskin
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