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Timeline Prezumé by Chloe Hong

No description

Chloe Hong

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Timeline Prezumé by Chloe Hong

Chloe Hong
Aspired to combine machine learning and psychology to identify human being decision making process
Burlingame, CA

Then I started working...
Data Analyst
July 2010-
Technology Partner(Sr. Product Manager)
March 2010 - July 2010
WW Revenue Forecasting Manager
June 2011
Life Event
Graduation Date:
Data Analytics Expert to help a start up growing from scratch
Manage health plan data base and regression model to identify payout stream
Evaluated the business operation/sales operation process to define the optimal business process and execute the process change to collect clean data, built data model and visualized KPI for customer data, sales data and revenue data analytics, designed statistical model for market analysis
Business Operation Manager
Built data tables from Oracle/SFDC database for customer/sales/revenue analytics, and manage pricing strategy for product life cycle
Built weekly revenue/margin forecasting model to bake in variables including new product launch, pricing strategy, reseller price protection program, promotion program, retail seasonality, and customer behavior on online Apple store
The Professional History of
Chloe Hong
Special Skills:
Excel, Access, SQL,HTML,CSS,C++,R,Hive
Varicent,Xactly,Oracle 11i, Oracle Discoverer,SFDC, Oracle OM module,Tableau,Microstrategy,Informatica,OBIEE,Workday
Hiking, Traveling, Biking, Skiing,
Data Modeling Consultant
March 2007 to Jan 2010
March 2005 to March 2007
July 2003 to March 2005
Harvard University
AM in Statistics
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