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a mystery to find out who killed the Hollenders and why they were killed

ShaBoree J

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of HOPE TO DIE

HOPE TO DIE the .22 automatic that was used to shot Bryne in the chest two times and in the temple once The fire poker used to rape Susan Hollander The knife used to cut Susan Hollanders neck The two men that killed the Hollanders are found dead in in a apartment in Coney Island The gun used to shoot Bryne Hollender twice in the chest and onces in the temple The fireplace poke the killer used to rape Susan Hollender The killers of Susan and Byrne The 3rd mystery person Lia Parkman found dead in the bathtub Lia Parkman drank to much she was killed after performing sexually favors Peter and his four roomates are killed in there home in Williamsburg the foot prints of Adam Breit Bryne and Susan Hollander are killed in a home invasion after returning home from a concert By: Lawerance Block
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