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A girl's life online

No description

Amy Hummel

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of A girl's life online

I think all teenagers and parents should read this book. one because you really can understand how easy it is for teenagers to message people they don't know. Two, parents can learn to really make sure to watch who there children are talking to on the internet. Finally, because this really is a good life lesson to learn even if your not talking to people you don't know online.
A girl's life online
This autobiography by Kathrine Tarbox is a story about her life online and how she had a terrifying life changing experience. This book was also published in 2000.
Authors qualifications
This author is qualified because this is real life expierence. She has been through what she is talking about in the book and she wants to inform other teenagers to not trust anyone online.
Specific passage from book
On pg 94, Frank and Katie meet for the first time and things are not going the way Katie plans. Frank starts to molest Katie and Katie is very scared. She feels terrible about talking to him for so long and everything else.
Katie Tarbox is a 13 year old and all of her siblings have moved to college. She is starting to feel very alone and starts chatting online. she meets a guy named "Mark" who says he is 23. Mark and Katie have seemed to have a lot in common and have now been talking for almost 6 months. Katie is a swimmer and has a big swim meet and Mark wants to finally come to see her. Katie and Mark met and Katie got molested by him that night. that morning police and her parents all knew what happened. "Mark" was really Frank and he had said he was 23 but he was really 41! Also, Frank has raped and molested other teenage girls. Everyone had treated Katie different after that and she eventually moved. This changed Katie's life forever.
10 facts or ideas
Katie is a 13 year old when she starts talking to "Mark"
"Mark" said he was 23
"Mark" is really Frank
Frank is really 41
Katie talked to him for 6 months
Frank molested Katie at age 14 at her swim meet
After being molested, Katie went to counseling for 2 years
Frank had molested and raped other teenagers
Katie moved 2 years later
Katie was 13 and 14 when talking to Frank
A girl's life online

By: Amy Hummel
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