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The Serpent's Shadow

No description

Collin Drown

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow By:Rick Riordan
Mythology 401 pgs. Presentation by:Collin Drown Conflict Conflict 1. The first and main conflict is that the giant god of chaos, Apophis, is attempting to swallow the sun and send the world into a sea of chaos."You can't blame yourself, Carter. "If it weren't for you and Sadie, Apophis would have already destroyed the world. There's still hope." Conflict 2. The second conflict, though not quite as important as the first is still a key component in the development of the plot. The second conflict is the gradual corruption of the house of life. The kids' uncle, Amos, is trying desperately to keep the house together but there is a rebel group of magicians who are fighting with Apophis."Sarah Jacobi and her lieutenant, Kwai...they mean to attack you." Conflict 3. The third conflict is conflict within the story that doesn't affect the outcome. It is the ever-changin love status of Sadie and Walt."If anyone asks you if you're taken,"I said,"the answer is yes." Setting Setting 1. The first setting and the origin of all the events is the 21st nome, also known as Brooklyn House. This is the home of Carter and Sadie and it is alos where they train their innitiates. It is a large building, magically invisible to the human eye that lies on top of a warehouse on the coast of Brooklyn." Bast was our last line of defense for Brooklyn House. We needed her to protect our home base and our initiates." Setting 2. The second settting and possibly the most important is the duat. The duat is an Egyptian underworld that is constantly changing and fluxuating with the world above. Going there is like going to a different dimention. Many important events happen in the story like the retirement home visit and the venture to the white obelisk."When I opened my eyes, a square of darkness the size of a doorway hovered in the air." Setting 3. The third setting is the site of the climax. The Great Pyramid. This is where everything comes together and there is a final stand between good and evil. Everything that happens near the pyramid is very early in the morning."I threw the crook and flail. They smashed into Aphophis's face and erupted in a column of fire like a nuclear blast." C h a r a c t e r s The God of the sun and king of the Gods. Ra Isis Set Horus Thoth Carter Kane Sadie Kane Wife of Ra and Goddess of magic Lieutenant of Ra and god of evil. The son of Ra, god of Pharoahs, and protecter of the Pharoah of Egypt. The god of Knoledge. Carter Kane is one of the two main characters in the book. He and sister are trying desperately to save the world from Apophis. He had previosly been the hosting body for the god Horus. Although the god is not in him anymore, he still has an emotional connection with him. Many times Carter has been told that he is destined to be Pharoah but he has doubts."Carter managed to stand tall and confident, addressing both our initiates and the rebels" Sadie Kane is Carter's sister. They were raised apart as children for their own safety, but were then reunited to save the world. Sadie specializes in magical spells. She also has the ability to read heiroglyphics. One of her biggest problems throughout the book is that her love interest, Walt, is dying."She dug her fingernails in to the table, using it like a scratching post, the way she does when she's tense."pg.48 The Dallas Attack Late at night, Carter, Sadie, and a group of initiates travelled by griffin to the 51st nome located in Dallas, Texas. They went there to search for a scroll that might have information on defeating Aphophis. This was the last scroll of its kind and Aphophis was also on his way to destroy it. While they are searching underground, a group of chaotic monsters attack them and a huge battle ensues. In the end, Carter and Sadie win, but when they get back to the 51st nome, everybody is dead. I think this is an important event because it is a wake up call to Carter and Sadie. Now they really understand the malice of Apophis and it gives them new motivation to defeat them. They also find a box that helps them later against Apophis."I knelt down and picked up the gleaming piece of silver-a half-melted Lone Star belt buckle."pg.33 Meeting With Thoth Carter and Walt decide to go see Thoth to get advice on defeating Apophis. When they get there he is being attacked and it takes all their power to defeat the opposition. Thoth thinks they should find Setne, the writer of the spell that could kill Apophis. He also thinks he might have a way to save Walt. I think this event is important because Thoth gives them information that if they didn't have the plot would have gone no where. His advice gets them one step closer to defeating Apophis."Knowledge of any value can't be given. It must be sought and earned."pgs.129-130 This quote foreshadows that they will have to work for what they want and it won't come easily. Visit to the Hall of Judgement Carter and Sadie take Thoth's advice and go to the Hall of Judgement where they're just in time to catch Setne's trial with their father, Osiris. They interrupt the court to try to convince their father to give them Setne. Osiris doesn't like the idea but recognizes that it is their only hope.This event is very important to the plot because getting Setne allows them to gain access to the spell they need to kill Apophs."Dad sat at the far end of the room on a golden dais, with a blue-skinned Egyptian attendant at his side."pg.181 The Apis Bull After they had Setne under control, Carter and Zia made him take them too the scroll that had the spell for defeating Apophis. This scroll happened to be deep in to the tomb of thousands of bulls. After walking for a while they made it to a large statue of a bull and it came alive and chased them. Zia kills it and Setne secures the spell. This event pushes the story forward because they need that spell to defeat Apophis."I heard rock walls rumbling behind us as the bull shouldered it's way through."pg.234 Shadow Capture Following the Apis Bull incident, Carter, Zia, and Setne travel through the duat to get to the sea of chaos. Setne disguises them as demons and they sneak, unnoticed to the sea of chaos. When they get there, they find the spell to summon Apophis. Once they summon him, Setne ensnares them in linen. Then Sadie drops into the duat and saves them. This event is important to the plot because they now have Apophis's shadow so they can defeat him. They also now know the true nature of Setne."Under our feet, chunks of the ground kept cracking and sliding into the tide."pg.297 The Dance Towards the beginning of the book, Carter, Sadie, and most of the initiates go to a school dance. During the dance, Anubis comes and talks to Sadie. Before he can finish, the wind god, Shu, comes and knocks everone out. Shu and Anubis disapear and everyone starts waking up. Then Sadie notices a boy on the outskirts of school. This event pushed the plot forward because Sadie's conflict with Anubis gets more serious and the boy at the edge of school tells Sadie about how the house of life is failing."When the wind died, both gods were gone. I stood alone on the dance floor, surrounded by dozens of kids and adults who were starting to wake up." Climax The climax in The Serpent's Shadow is undoubtedly the fight at the great pyramid. All of the gods and magicians come together at the pyramid to make a final stand against Apophis. This is the climax because it holds more action than any other part of the bood and you feel releif after it."To say Apophis was huge would be like saying the Titanic took on a little water."pg352 Resolution After the battle at the pyramid, peace is restored to the world. The gods have to leave to keep things in balance and Carter is crowned pharoah. Carter dedides to let his uncle run the house of life for now. Walt is saved by becoming the host of Anubis and Carter and Sadie go back to training their student to lead the future generations of magicians. This is the resolution because you feel closure and your conflicts are dealt with."We've returned to Broodlyn House. The various catastrophes plaguing the world have lessened, at least somewhat, and we are dealing with an influx of new initiates as the school year get properly under way." Foreshadowning In the beginning of the book when Carter and Sadie are at the fifty-first nome there is repeated, seemingly unnecesary mention of a golden box. First a stranger mentions it and then the author goes out of his way to mention it in every scene near it. This tells me that this box will have some greater signifigance later on in the book."Its pedestal disintegrated, and another line of evil jackhammer magic snaked across the room, churning up the floor tiles. It headed for adisplay against the east wall-a small golden cabinet."pg.20 Thank You!
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